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elbow pain

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hi all, hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

Looking from some input regarding a pain in my elbow joint and how I should care for it. I upped my triceps weights last workout-this is maybe the culprit, I also have twin toddlers so am constantly lifting babies all day long. Was thinking I should do upper body workout but exclude triceps, I did this today but a few of the back exercises aggravated it.

What to do? It is not a severe pain, not a shooting burning pain. More of an ache in the 8/10 range when I do something to bother it.



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It hurts on the outside of the joint, as I'm extending it against resistance. Also, doing close grip lat pulldowns bothered it

Do you think you can have ligaments and tendons that are weaker than your muscles? It seems like I often get joint pain after lifting heavy, even if my muscle handles the weight fine.

Thanks for the input.


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Is it the outside of the joint on the left side or right.

Could very easily be either lateral or medial epicondylitis, or in other terms tennis or golfers elbow.

Seems to me that this happens a lot to many people, including me.

It is an overuse injury of the tendons of forearm flexors and extensors, and can happen when training your triceps because your forearm struggles to keep your hand straight against the resistance of the weight.

An easy test to check for it is go to where your forearm attatches to your arm on the sides of the elbow joint and push in, it it hurts like a mother good chance this is it.

Best thing for it is a wee bit of rest, and certain streches that are kinda weird to explain , best shown.

Hope this helps

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