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Vegan House of Kindness now has a room available!


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We recently learned that one of our adored roommates (Speaklow) has big adventures awaiting him and he will be moving far away soon! We are looking to fill his place asap for somewhere between 2-7 months and likely longer if his adventures take him elsewhere.


A little about us and the house:


We affectionately call our home The Vegan House of Kindness. It all started from a few of us vegan friends envisioning a place where kindness was the theme of the household. Not too long after coming up with the idea things fell into place and the house became a reality! The house is located in NE Portland just off MLK and Ainsworth on a very nice and pretty quiet street. The house has extraordinary landscaping and a backyard with lots of garden space. We have had a few things growing like strawberries, grapes, artichokes and tomatoes! There is a large front porch (we'd like to get a hammock put up sometime!) The house is 3 stories (basement, main and attic). On the main level is large cozy living room with a fireplace, a spacious kitchen with lots of windows, two bedrooms rented by myself and Robert and a shared bathroom. There is a bedroom upstairs (attic) being rented by Tasha. The room for rent is located in the basement,it is private and

separated from the rest of the basement. It is quite large (the largest bedroom by far) and very clean. The homeowner doesn't mind if it is tastefully painted by the renter. Currently it is a pale blue with dark blue carpeting. In other rooms/areas of the basement is a second bathroom, lots of storage space, washer and dryer, and Roberts product storage areas. We keep the community areas pretty clean and we have a chore list with occasional household meetings. From time to time we host friends from out of state to stay at our home for a couple days at a time on the main and upper level, all of our friends are extremely kind and respectful and quiet. Besides that it is a VERY calm, quiet and peaceful household the majority of the time.


Me: Jessi 27 y/o vegan female http://www.Jessifly.com

I love hiking and climbing and am often gone for a few days at a time on mountain adventures! I work 2 part-time jobs, and I will be taking a class or 2 at PCC and I am also quite busy with the Mazamas climbing organization. I have 2 indoor-only kitties, Sage and Pancake. They are the only pets the homeowners will allow. They are very sweet and super-friendly!


Robert 28 y/o vegan male http://www.RobertCheeke.com

Robert is hardly ever here! He is always gone for work, travelling on his speaking tour! Robert runs veganbodybuilding.com and is the regional rep for Vega (http://www.myvega.com)


Tasha is a 30 y/o vegan female http://www.myspace.com/tashanwest

Tasha is an avid cyclist, and raw foodist. She may also be taking classes soon as well.


We are asking $425/month and that does not include utilities. We divide the utilities equally between each person. Let us know if you'd be interested in taking a look and interviewing with us!




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