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Hello all!!


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Hello everyone! My name is Myke and I have been vegan for just one year now. I love the lifestyle, and I feel great knowing that I'm doing something healthy for both my mind and body, as well as for the environment.

I was in the US Air Force for four years, I got out in 2006 and now I work as a Technical Writer, writing computer software and hardware manuals. I enjoy writing, although tech writing can get boring at times. But it pays the bills, right?

I am also going to school right now, one more class to finish my AA, and then I plan on transferring to University Maryland, University College to major in who-knows-what.

As for exercise, I love to RUN! I am currently training for my first marathon! The Baltimore Marathon, in October. I've been thinking of doing 50 miles one day, too! I look forward to seeing how far my body can go, it's exciting! The most I've raced was a 10K while I was in the Air Force, and that was wearing combat boots, cargo pants, flak-vest and helmet and carrying an M16!

Currently I'm averaging anywhere from 7-15 miles 5 days a week, usually doing my longer runs on the weekends, when I have more time.

I did weight training for a while, but I really don't enjoy lifting weights. However, I keep telling myself that I need to get disciplined and start at least a push-ups/abs/and squat routine throughout the week. The squats especially would be good I think for running, though.

Anyways, it's great to have found like-minded people that don't think it's crazy to be an athlete and not eat animals! I look forward to interactions with fellow vegans on the site!

Take it easy,


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