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hello from albuquerque


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i have been a vegan for four years now and i really like being one. I am of Indian (south asian) origin and have been skinny all my life. About four years ago (prior to becoming vegan) i went on a high calorie diet and increased my weight from 115 pounds to 140 pounds with a lot of weight-lifting. This took 4500 calories a day but i was happy with the way i looked !!! After that i decided to try vegan and over time i became much leaner and an extremely healthy 130 pounds which i maintain to date. But now i want to bulk up again and hit 150 pounds.

This seems a little harder on my vegan diet. I have now decided to start eating a lot of food again and hit the gym regularly and i was hoping to get some advice from and share my experience with the vegan body-building community.


so hello

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