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Best Overall Physique Contest! 2 weeks to enter! More prizes


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I have been away from the forum for 5 days.....4 more pages in this thread since I last looked! Awesome stuff! I never got around to sending a newsletter but since it has been open for nearly a month, we'll stick to our Sept. 30th entry deadline.


All the best everyone! Thanks so much for all the entries and enthusiasm and support for one another.

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Fuck. My gf took pics of me today but she's retarded with the camera so no entry.


Hum. My cell phone camera also lost the pictures I took from you (unless a miracle happens and I get the pics back somehow). I think you're so hot that you break the cameras when ppl take pics of you.

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Alright, here're my pics! Taken by the always trustworthy table.


And always remember when voting.... tattoos are indeed part of the "overall physique"!







So I hope to get some support from the tattoo-community here and maybe can steal some votes from the big guys...


Take care,



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Okay, here at the last minute is my entry! Continuing shoulder and upper back tightness has put almost a complete damper on training my upper body for a couple of weeks now, but oh well, I'll give it a whirl anyway. I'll start with my best feature, legs.


And I'll take this opportunity to brag, as well. I know my upper body is scrawny compared to a lot of people in this forum who have been lifting steadily for a heck of a lot longer than I have, but hey, three months ago I was 183 pounds and I'm sure over 30% body fat, and presently I'm a shade over 151 and, if my scales are anywhere near accurate, around 20% bf. Robert, any prizes for "most improved physique"?


By the way, for some reason I'm not able to post more than three pictures in a given post, so this is in two parts. How do you post more than three pictures?





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I'm comfortable extending this another 24-48 hours if some feel rushed...I'm also expecting an entry from someone I don't see yet...so let's hold off at least another day before we start the voting.


Thanks again everyone! Great entries, I will enjoy watching the voting and will enjoy sending out thank-yous to those who participated.



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Surprise, surprise!







Yes..... Friend!



Great to See you Back Josh...

Not sure I can vote for you though...

White Socks and black shoes - The Michael Jackson Thriller days are long gone...

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OK, let's get this voting started.....we'll get it sorted out in the next day or so. There are lots of entries so it make take us a while.


We'll keep the voting open for at least two weeks as promised, and award prizes to all participants and award cash and other prizes to the winners!


Best of luck everyone!


Thanks for your entries and thanks in advance for the votes for these athletes!

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Dinner with Andreafrancis.


It's difficult to flex my legs wearing boots, but here you go anyway.







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