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Best Overall Physique Contest! 2 weeks to enter! More prizes


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Glad to hear that people are thinking about me in a homo and non-homo way; both are appreciated.




A few odd facial expressions there.


Tuc, I love the pictures of you in the gas mask.


I will get some back ones and ones featuring legs in the next couple of days.


you made some good progress there! abs are looking much better than before, nice work.

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Here's my entry. I hope this is not too many photos








^^^^ It's quite difficult to get my arms lined up in the 3 seconds that I have once I press the button on my webcam, before the picture is taken. I'm really not that asymmetrical haha... I need to get someone to take my pictures for me.










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I will get some back ones and ones featuring legs in the next couple of days.

Seems like you have the same problem as me. The lats WILL NOT GROW WIDER! Do you do wide-grip pullups or wide-grip deads?


Yeah, I do wide-grip pullups. My problem is more my deltoids than anything else. My triceps keep growing, but my deltoids barely go anywhere. I learned a new form for doing shoulder exercises from my physical therapist and I feel them much more when I do them as such, so hopefully I will finally see them going somewhere.


Thanks for the comments, especially the Bruce Lee comment, I'm Your Man. It is encouraging being compared to him, even though I am nowhere near that level.


This thread is extremely active.

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hahaha I really want to include and recognize as many people as possible. You entry is great! I think you'll have no problem getting votes.


I look forward to all other entries.


I'll write a quick newsletter soon and mention this friendly contest

How do you vote for people :/



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