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Alex's noob training log

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Well this looks like a fun idea to keep me motivated. I'll try and keep this updated daily even if I'm the only one who reads it.


My goal is to add more muscle while being pretty lean, similar to Bruce Lee. I think the hardest part for me is going to be losing the little belly thats being stubborn and getting a nice flat tummy.


I'm going to be working out mostly at home. Hopefully in a few months I'll find a decent gym around or I'll check out the gym at the college im going to attend.


I'm around 5'8 and my weight is 150. I wouldn't mind losing around 10-15 pounds, but I'm not sure if I need to atm.


Ok time to get this thing started.


I'll start with Monday since thats when I started.


Monday 8/18: lower body workout for about 45mins or so. Ate pretty clean throughout the day.


Tues 8/19: upper body workout without ab or lower back exercises.


Food: I had a spinach/banana smoothie with frozen pineapple,soymilk blended in, a veggie bowl(rice, blackbeans, romaine lettuce, corn, guacamole, chile) and some chips from someplace called Chipotle, soyrizo and pintobean with wholewheat pita bread and a lot of raw mungbean sprouts. Few cups of iced tea throughout the day. Also another spinach/banana smoothie mix and some supplement with a lot nutrients.


Well thats it for now, I'll try and be more detailed on my workout once I start getting a more consistant routine.

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I'm still trying different exercises and setting up a routine, but I'm still on it! I took it easy yesterday and did some ab workouts, I think I'm pretty set with my ab exercises so far. I also got my mom to do a 35 min walk and it felt great.


I've been looking online for some home equipment and it looks like a pull-up bar is something that would benifit me the most right now. It would be great to work out my back with it. Also a little bench might be good, but I think I might have one in the garage.


As far as my diet, I think I'm doing really well and its a big change from what I was eating three weeks ago. It was nothing but fast food like Taco Bell and Dell Taco. Also nothing but fake meats and hardly any veggies or fruits.


I'm hoping if I continue doing this well I can see some good results by mid October.


Wed 8/20:

Ab workout. Crunches 20 reps, Reverse Crunch 20 reps, Oblique Crunch 15 each side, Pulse Up 5 reps, Bicylcle Twist 14 reps, V-up 12 reps, and Side Crunch - 10 each side. 35 min walk earlier in the day.

Food: Can't remember exactly, but it was pretty clean about 95% raw.


Thurs 8/21:

35-40 min early walk.

Lower Body: Calf Raises 12 reps, Sqauts 12 reps 2 sets, Leg Curls 25 reps 2 sets, Lunges 12 reps 2 sets, Side Leg Lifts 20 reps each leg, Crossed Leg Lifts 12 reps 2 sets.


Food: Bean, corn, lettuce and soyrizo in a pita bread, fresh mango, green smoothie. Heres where I kinda messed up, I went to a mexican resturant and had a lot of fried chips and salsa and a Veggie bean burrito with some sauce on top. My cousin and brothers friend came over and wanted to go out to eat. Oh well it wasn't too bad and I'll just keep eating as I was the days before.


So I'll probably keep those ab and lowerbody exersices for a while since I don't have too much equipment to work with. Tomorrow I'll have to set up a better upper body routine, so I'll be looking online for some more exercises.

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Blah, I feel so lazy today because the heat. Been doing my routines and it feels great, I know if I keep it up I'll be more toned and lose some fat. I didn't go walking yesterday, but I noticed how something like a 20-30 min walk around the neighborhood can be great. Nothing beats fresh air with some sunlight while doing something good for your body.


I was planning on doing some smaller weights for my upperbody workout and doing more reps, but it feels great to lift something a little more heavy and make you arms feel like falling off.

I haven't been counting my calories, but I really want to so I can make sure im eating enough. I've also been around the same weight as when I started give or take a pound. Even if I stay around the same and build some muscle instead of fat, I think its a good trade.


Fri 8/22: Upperbody Workout: Push-ups, Bench Press 14 reps, Dumbbell Rows 10 reps, Lateral Raise 10 reps, Bench Dip 10 reps, Bicep Curl 12 reps, Hammer Curl 8-10 reps, Dumbbell Kickback 10 reps, Overhead Extension 20 reps, Reverse Curl 12 reps, Flys 14 reps. 35min walk.


Sat 8/23: Abs: Regular Crunch 20, Reverse Crunch 20, Oblique Crunch 15(each side), Bicycle Twist 14, side Crunch 10.


Sun 8/24: Doing my lowerbody workout later and hopefully a 20-30min walk. Calf Raises 12 reps, Squats 12 reps 2 sets, Leg Curls 25 reps 2 sets, Lunges 12 reps 2 sets, Side Leg Lift 20 reps(each leg), Crossed Leg Lifts 12 reps 2 sets. 50 Jumping Jacks.


The spacing between workouts is really helping me. I used to just do whole body workouts and it would get me really sore and unable to workout. It would make me just stop working out and it was horrible. I was working out to hard when I started, so starting slow is definetly the best way to go. So far I haven't been getting overly sore and looks like no problems so far.


I have a yoga dvd with different yoga routines that I want to hopefully work into my workouts maybe 2-3 days in the week. I do stretch now, but yoga can most likely give me other benefits and better stretches and relaxation.


Almost forgot! I found my little workout bench so now I don't have to buy another. I really want a pull-up bar now, I'll be looking at some and will hopefully get one soon.

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8/25: Same upperbody workout


8/26: Ab workout


8/27: Rest Day


8/28: Missed workout (Laziness)


I haven't been eating like I want to, I need to eat more like when I started. I also screwed up my sleep schedule by staying up all night and sleeping during the day.


Today I'll continue to push on and keep on going though.

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8/29: More Laziness

8/30: Laziness

8/31: 30 min walk around my house, I went the way which had the most hills and it was a fun walk.

9/01: upperbody: Push-ups, Bench Press, Rows, Bench Dip, Curls, Hammer Curls, Overhead Extension, Flys.


Feels like I'm getting my energy back, hopefully it continues to come back. I was looking up calorie counting and found a program called Cron-o-meter. It's a nice litte program that counts my calories, fat, protein, and other things. I tried it out today, but I was guessing the a lot on the portions of my food so I doubt it was accurate on my calories. Tomorrow I'll try and be more accurate and see how I do on my calories.


Sigh, so much math to counting calories and I'm horrible at math.

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It's been a while, but I'm still going. Think I missed one day but I have been doing my walking and workouts.



Food: Watermelon (a lot), veggie bowl (rice, black beans, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, onions) with chips and fresh salsa, Icecream fruitbar, bowl of grapes, soymilk, banana. I'll probably eat a few more fruits as a snack later too.


Exercise: Lowerbody workouts with abs. Lunges, squats, calf raises, various leg lifts, various crunches. 35ish min walk.



I decided to combine my lowerbody workout with my ab since they are both pretty short. I'll start doing my yoga dvds on my ab days.


My new computer arrived yesterday so I still need to download cron-o-meter again. Been having a few problems with the computer but I think my brother managed to fix it. I'll try and keep this updated, it really helps motivate me.

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