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Geoff Rowley Debate vegan or not vegan shoes


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I know a few of you like his shoes. For those who don't know, Vans has been selling vegan vans shoes but the coolest looking ones to me have been the Geoff Rowely line. I recently went to a Vans store and found that it said upper leather lower man made.


I was upset... here was a vegan athlete who had his own line of shoes and there were not vegan. That was misleading. You even find some of them on their vegetarian shoes section. I wrote to the company they said not all his shoes are vegan. Did some more research and some Vans designers say most corporations don't know much about materials so they pick what they think what will render profit even if they claim it is vegan. So I want this cleared up if anyone has any imput.


ECORRAZZI claims that he just came out with a vegan line of shoes.




Some of you have said he is vegan yet not really because he still like hunting... so I am a bit confused... what is going on?

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