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Re-gaining control. It's on like Donkey Kong

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Haven't posted anything in a while....


Still training hard (and heavy)



I've been looking into some local shows..still undecided about entering this year or waiting until next year to start. I haven't been good with my diet (eating a bit junky,especially on my birthday, but starting to clean it up again) I've been trying to add more foods, and trying to figure out the right kinds to add. my problem is i'm always hungry!!!


As far as the shows I've been looking into:




October 17, 2009 - Baltimore, MD


OCB Charm City Classic (Bodybuilding, Figure)





November 13, 2009 - Washington, DC


OCB Yorton Cup National Figure Championships (IFPA Open Double Pro Qualifier and Masters Pro Qualifier).


OCB Stars & Stripes Novice Figure Championships



I think i would do alright body wise (still hoping to gain some in my upper body-legs are coming along)..I'm more concerned with not knowing how things work (turns and stuff.) Maybe I'll just go to these shows to see what happens when, get some help and compete next year.

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Looks like that competition may have to be pushed back a bit more (we'll have to see)

I saw the doc on monday at Hopkins and finally got a diagnosis!! ready?!?! I have neurogenic thoracic outlet. Which means basically that all this irritation for the past year is caused by compression. you can read all about it here;



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Just wanted to post this photo of my back. this picture was at my wedding in 2006, the year I first started lifting (not seriously or for the purpose of competing, just to loose weight...which worked!) I just like my back in this photo.





this was before the back tattoo

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thought I'd also post it here and in the You shape today thread. here I am yesterday. I have stopped eating clean and have been attempting to bulk. although next time around I'm trying a different plan, this one was to junky. I will start eating clean on Monday (along with Myke this time) I have been doing legs 2 times a week (can't do arms because of the shoulder until after physical therapy which I start in Jan.) and have been including abs.

I will continue with this routine (more abs though) and increase my cardio (in late Jan. I'm going to include sprints) hopefully I'll be ready for a fitness model comp by march or so.

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Here is what I am up to

this week: mon.-Dance 3 hrs, tues.-legs/abs/cardio 2omin- wed. cardio 20 min thursday legs/abs cardio 20 min. I started cutting all crap out of the diet.(which feels amazing!! and my stomach thanks me) next week I will be having 2 cheat days (I'm prepared) one on my graduation day and maybe on Christmas (not going all crazy but my mom has some surprise for me and I'm sure its dessert!)


I am joining a new gym (retrofitness), one that has more equipment (and stuff that works, unlike my schools stupid gym...thinking about starting a blog about how they don't take care of the school or at least sending images into a local news station, it is absurd that I am required to pay 180 a semester for athletic fees when they don't even take care of the athletic building! anyway..sorry for the rant, it just pisses me off! I had to get on 3 cardio machines before I found one that was working yesterday!!)


Once I start going to the new gym I can vary my workout a bit more!! I will start to post more of what I'm doing with updated body photos. no upper body workouts though, except physical therapy which will be painful enough I'm sure! I'm going to increase my cardio and start sprints soon, other than that I'm thinking of changing legs to a monday/thursday or tuesday/friday so I have more recovery time. And will probably start doing abs on the days I do cardio.


look for more posts to include my diet also.

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New gym today, it was so sweet to have so many workable pieces of equipment. some things I;ve never even seen before!


The Workout 12/22/09


Deep Squats w/dumbbells 4 sets start @25lbs end @ 40lbs

Toe taps (on bench, like a step up) 4 sets

Calf raises 4 sets 110lbs

Lying leg curls 4 sets 60lbs ( I enjoyed these immensely today!! seriously!!!)

Leg adductor and abductor 4 sets 135lbs (when I start PT i'm going to ask about the adductor region, I've been having pain there since we did Horton technique in Modern [dance class]


30 mins cardio


The diet

Protein smoothie- 2 servings ice protein, 1 cup low sugar choco soy milk, half banana, 1tbs PB

¼ cup oats w/12 almonds, nitrofusion smoothie (water, ice, mixed berries)

cliffbuilder (mint choco)

1 head romaine, 1 avacodo, 1 gardein cutlet

1 apple, tbs PB with tea


I haven’t had dinner yet, but it will most likely include 2 veggies, a fat and protein. And maybe a kombucha (thanks jimi!)


Water all day, still wanting to up this. I really want to find a huge reusable jug.

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Is the kombucha you make fizzy?




Cardio 30 mins.




yea...it was a "cheat" day, not too bad, more like a cheat lunch.


Also, I graduated today!!!!!!!!!!!! whoohooo. onto Graduate School in January



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Thanks Tasha! =) hopefully it'll start looking a bit more cut soon.



Legs (go figure)

Squats 4 sets start at 12 reps increased weight up to 45lbs.

Hip ups 15lbs on waist feet elevated (on step)

Lying leg press

Leg extension

Abductor machine (forgot the weight-over 130)



Elliptical 20mins



Abs/lower back 2 sets 20 reps

Crunch on ball

Oblique crunch on ball

Back extensions on ball

Lateral abdominal flexion on ball


Cardio 30min

Stairclimber and treadmill


Food- similar to what I posted the other day

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Thursday (New years eve)


Cardio 1hour



walking lunges with weight

Leg press

Leg Extension


Bridge lift with ball

Standing single leg press

Calf raise


cardio 20 mins

outdoor ice skating (it was SOOO freaking cold and windy outside, I had to stop because I couldn't feel my toes)


My legs are really sore today, which is wonderful!

I'll most likely have a cardio/abs day today since I has to fast for my doc appt. (blood work) tomorrow.


Food- the usual, I did go to Dupont in DC for Chipotle garden blend (they have gardein protein), but got a bowl, no tort, instead of the burrito)

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This week :Cardio plus



Cable Abductor

1 legged Leg press standing

split squats with weight

leg extension

adductor machine

calf raises



lying leg curls

hip raise on ball

torso twist

1 legged leg press (sitting)

step ups






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Hey there, congrats on graduation! What are you taking in graduate school?


Thanks I start grad classes Jan 27. I'll be taking 3 this semester. I'm working towards my MA in Applied Sociology w/ a certificate in non-profit. My interests are with sexuality, sexual rights, human rights violations (in general, but primarily sex crimes such as human trafficking). I am really interested in gender construct (comparing cross-culturally), human trafficking, & sexual education (in the U.S, in other countries, but also the funding the U.S gives to other countries for the purpose of sexual education).

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thanks I'm just trying to keep my motivation for school up (or to regain it really, which i think will happen once classes start and we're discussing things that peak my interests).




the workout-

mon- I was originally going to do legs but when I got to the gym I just couldn't bring myself to do it, so I did 30 mins cardio (15min/15min elliptical/stairmaster and abs


tues- I plan on doing legs today and cardio


both days I had physical therapy (3 times a week!!! ouch!) - really wish I could find something to help the pain that isn't taking meds. any ideas?

the pain is starting to affect my sleep, which isn't helping my muscle gains any! it's a viscous cycle I can only laugh so that I don't cry.


Been thinking about competing more and more. shooting for April but I will have to see how things pan out. I really want to get some coaching on posing and such. before I jump in

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Look on bodybuilding.com for poses. I know it helped me some before going to my "posing coach" last year. I know they have free videos for men and im quite sure for women too.


I know how ya feel when you go to gym and feel like doing something but then do cardio instead(think low carb...cardio always the easier choice!!!)


Im doing two-a-days now and its the only thing thats getting me bigger(besides extra protein).


Keep it up and keep April in your mind EVERYDAY

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