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Re-gaining control. It's on like Donkey Kong

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Thanks for the tips, I'll have to check it out. I'm trying to look for competition suits. anyone have any favorite places to get them?

here is something to laugh at it's a cartoon about my thoracic outlet. gotta laugh at it right?


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Training has been going well, I am just now starting to not be sore from last weeks last work out .

Physical therapy has been going well, knock on wood, I am feeling better than I have in 2 years! its about damn time!!! I will say though, physical therapy, not so fun, in fact it can be really really freaking painful!!

didn't hit the gym as much as I wanted last week since I have been pushing to get stuff done around the house before classes start next week. but building furniture, installing new door knobs and sets and painting like a mad woman is kinda like a work out?


on another note an omron fat loss monitor stated last Wednesday that my bf% is 16%

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I did cardio and abs yesterday. I was doing 5 minutes of intense cardio (jump roping, ect.) and a set of abs. of course on my 2cnd set I twisted my bad ankle. It doesn't seem too bad, but of course today was supposed to be a leg day my body hates me!!! I figure I'll give it a few days and see how it is before I decide to do something. I may or may not do cardio tomorrow I 'll have to see. At least i'm already in Physical Therapy for thoracic outlet, lets just add this to the list

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Well, I feel lazy!! I took 2 days off after the ankle thing, it's feeling better by the way- a little sore but I think I'd be fine in the gym as long as I don't go all out, not step ups that's for sure! anyhow, of course it snowed like crazy and I can't get out of my neighborhood. I'm going to try and do something at home though, I have 30 lb weights and a bosu ball, maybe it'll be a high rep kinda day. At least with all the snow, I've been getting cardio in with shoveling. I spent all sunday 9-4pm shoveling my entire street with my neighbors (too bad all of the other streets still have 5 or so inches and they're calling for another 10-20 in)


I've been bad with the diet, today though, back on track!

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it's been awhile since I've posted anything, I've done nothing but homework and the gym this weekend. Grad school is kicking my butt!!!

anyhow, since the snow has cleared and I am able to leave the house I've been good about going to the gym and have bee sticking to my cutting diet, may have a few cheat days once the in-laws are in town, but I will try to stick to it!

Last week

monday- cardio only

tuesday- legs

wed.- first time I was able to do arms since last year sometime. my therapist gave me permission to do light weigh high rep stuff as long as it's nothing over head or chest fly type movements. my arms have lost some strength, but it was nice to be back at it somewhat. I will say my arms were killing me the next 2 days.

thursday- homework

friday- homework

sat- legs and cardio



monday- abs and I did intervals on a bike. I've been watching Ava Cowan's video installments and they are super motivating! I watched episode 5 before my workout today, hence the bike. felt AWESOME!!! just what I needed

check them out here:




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Will be back at it come tomorrow!! after a horrible (food-wise) and lazy weekend. (had a great time with the in-laws though!)


...This time there is nothing to stop me!!! it's gym and diet time for sure!!

yea...nothing stopping me except getting sick and having a fever over 100 and barely being able to eat a thing...so hopefully I'll feel better by Monday I'm starting to feel soft!!!

At least I'm feeling better enough to get some homework done, I have a done due next wedneday!! ahhh!

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been going good (now that I feel good). diet is going well and I'm pretty freaking motivated, only slip is the hubby bought be cake from a restaurant we said we'd try together but I couldn't go. other than that, it's been good.


in other news, my physical therapist wants me to try adding arms in my routine. so, i've done some bis/tris but he wants me to add in chest, back and shoulders!! only thing is I can't do anything overhead, he told me never to do shoulder presses pretty much ever again. oh well, I'd rather never do them again than live with the pain I have been living with. I'll be meeting with the doc @ hopkins in a few weeks for my follow up, hope she says surgery is not in store for me!


today I did legs (i'll be doing chest and back tomorrow)

leg press and calf raises (4 sets working towards as heavy as possible)

walking lunges w/20lbs DBs and hip raises with 20lbs weight resting on hips

standing butt blaster machine (at my 4th set I was at the heaviest I could do, only able to do 5 reps) and adductor machine (heaviest on 4th 150lbs 12 reps)



10 intervals of intense intervals on elliptical- took about 8 min or so. I wanted to do 20 intervals but I felt physically ill, indigestion. next time though!

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I know I know, I haven't been on in a while. Schools been a bit crazy and I've been busy applying for an internship with Veg. resource group.

anyhow, I have been working out and am still in Physical therapy (down from 3day per week to 1 day)

This week is heavy, did legs, abs and interval cardio mon. off tuesday and today I did bi's and back plus interval cardio


todays workout:

seated pulley row

assisted pull up- I will have to talk to my therapist about these. He said I could try them, but I had some pain with them, and not the good kind

ez bar curls

t-bar row

incline DB hammer curl

lat pulldown

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Chest, shoulder and Tris today- did interval cardio as well. For this I've been using the stationary bike and sprinting every 15 secs for about 10 intervals.


todays workout included:

tricep pushdown

cable crossover lat raises- lat raises aren't so heavy since I'm still working on that shoulder

front lat raises

seated chest press

incline chest press- palms facing in

tricep kickbacks

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Thanks guys!!

Lobsteriffic- I may compete this year, I was shooting for April, but...with the therapy and all I think that getting myself back to my best should really be my focus for now. I really don't want to jeopardize my health. If I do compete there are a few at the end of the year in the area, which would give me some time to save up some money for everything I'll need.


vivalasvegans- Thanks, unfortunately I met with my therapist today and discovered that the pain with the pull ups is being caused by the ball and socket in my shoulder being out of whack. The therapist told me I'm at a super high risk for dislocating my shoulder (which he said wouldn't be that bad- that way we could just pop it back into place, doesn't sound all that fun to me!! lol!) so... doesn't look like I'll be adding pull ups back into my routine anytime soon. no more wide grip lat pull downs either =(


any suggestions on alternatives to shoulder presses? I'm not supposed to push any weight above my head

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met with my doctor at Hopkins today, Things went well and she suggested more physical therapy still...great..better than my other option (surgery). I am eligible for surgery, however,because I have an extra rib (which can sometimes be the cause of TOS) and it might be something to keep in mind in the future. I'd like to use that as a last resource type of thing.


light(ish)/high rep (5 sets) last week (I'll try to post what I did if I can remember or find my little paper)

this week- heavy

today I did 100 crunches

legs tomorrow.

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I know it seems like I haven't posted in for-freaking-ever. Schools been busy. If I'm not at school or doing homework I'm eating or at the gym.

Seriously though I've been kicking freaking butt!!! new diet (soy and gluten free) and new routine. I'm working with Chrissy Zmijewski

Check her out if you don't know who she is:





once classes are over I will post more. as for competing this year, it is freaking on!!! there is one in august here, but I'm leaning to the one in October- OCB Charm city classis

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Viva, I sure hope so =)


these are some recent photos:






I wish my biceps would develop better, but It has only been 3 weeks of seriously working my upper body- so in due time I guess.

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