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Re-gaining control. It's on like Donkey Kong

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Yeah, very impressive! Can I ask why you cut out soy and gluten? Whatever the reason, it seems to agree with you!


Thanks!! I noticed I was eating mostly processed crap so I wanted to cut that out, plus all the gluten was making me bloated looking.

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The lighting sucks and so does my posing (I'll be taking a few classes with a local pro soon), but wanted to show everyone the suit I bought. I'm still searching for shoes.





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I started posing classes last night. Holy freaking crap it's tough!


-increase hip and low back flexibility to help with my side and front pose. I have trouble sticking my rear out the right way. I plan on focusing on stretching more, taking yoga classes and getting a few massages.

-practice turns and walking in heels.

-pick out my music


good news is I did fairly well with the back pose.


My coach suggested I get a different suit, I'm looking into a royal blue one with underwire (I think this will make me feel more comfortable on stage)


I may need to start cutting some of the sugars I am eating ( fruits and carrots mostly) and up my cardio sessions.

I'll be getting pictures and video soon from my sessions and will post them when I get them.

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I'm on the hunt for a green/blue suit with underwire, these are my fav. designs:













**http://www.vandellacostumes.com/product_info.php?cPath=23_24&products_id=1171 (this is the one I'm leaning towards)


I had another posing session yesterday, went fairly well and think I have my ears on the music I'm going to use. Rest day today and this week starts more cardio and reducing my sugar intake to next to nothing =( no more bananas, carrots, raisins..... at least I can still have strawberries and oatmeal! yummy!!

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I think I'm going to add gardein plain cutlets back into my diet. I know I'm not getting near enough protein (I was at around 100 grams, this addition will bring it up to above 130). I've also cut out all of the high sugar fruits I was eating.

My focus now is to try and put as much muscle on my quads (need that quad sweep), hammies and deltoids (shoulders in general really).


Not sure if I'll compete again next year or not, I'm thinking I should focus on putting as much muscle on as possible, plus I want to change my on and off seasons. I'm not a fan of this cutting during the summer! far too many opportunities for cheat days and too many gatherings with friends that I'm missing out on!


My diet will be this:

without cutlets:

103.5 protein, 120.25 carbs, 25.85 fat, total calories= 1085


with cutlets (I'm also only doing a half a serving of hemp with my lunch shake, I might make it a full serving again)

127.5 prot., 128.25 carbs, 29.85 fat, Total cal= 1265

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Well, I'm 7 weeks out from the Presidential Cup, and it's coming along. Still want to gain some muscle in my quads and shoulders, but need to cut body fat as well. I think I ill try my best but will make sure to make this a focus in the off season.


the list of foods to eat when the comp is done is growing and growing...yummy can't wait!

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Ran stairs today for 20mins after my workout (biceps/triceps and 10 min elliptical in between supersets)

these are a few photos, just messing around with self tanning lotion and body oil.

Weighed 127lbs this morning.




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Had a bit of a slip up with past weekend, but It's a new day and I'm killing it this week!

Although cardio will be tricky this week. I'm supposed to run stairs...yea it's 103 degrees outside!! So, I'm doing some kind of intervals in the gym instead.

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4 weeks out. Today starts no frozen foods and added seasonings (need to reduce that sodium). my motivation is dwindling (mostly due to hunger and the desire to put on more size, but I know this will only come after the competition is over and I'm able to eat more food..can't wait!)


I'll be posting some photos from the AR conference 2010 when I get back from the gym today.

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I hope those are vegan magazines next to the commode!


Whats even funnier is that they are, VegNews actually, gotta get those house guests on the right track


It makes sense they are for guests. Eating a vegan diet doesn't encourage someone to stay in the bathroom for a long time .

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