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Re-gaining control. It's on like Donkey Kong

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So it's that time already, the final week!!

I don't know if it's normal but I must have the figure blues. I've been knocking my physique and I know I shouldn't. I just have little motivation to keep going. I just keep telling myself, "I've come a long way and have already won because I am in better shape than I was and will only continue to improve". Still tough though. plus my energy levels are pretty low.


anyhow, I've changed my song to Chemical Brothers Galvanize instead and am still waiting for my competition suit to arrive!! freaking out a bit! (at least I have my practice suit as a fall back).


Polygraph on Friday and have my tanning that day as well. I think I'll get my nails done that day as well (I plan on NOT getting fake nails- even though others do them I can't stand them and it would be a waste of my money).


In the meantime- gym and posing practice (need to get the posing perfect)!


still have some poison ivy- but the big spots just look like some weird birth mark at least.

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I feel your pain! All I can say is that what makes us successful as competitors is that we keep going even when we don't feel like it and even when we feel that our results are not there. Patience and perserverance is what wins it. And you look great! Be proud! I only know this because I will be competing for the 21st time this month. What you are feeling is very normal. By the way, show day is a blast. Hang in there.

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Thanks everyone! I'm not too nervous right now, I know that will change come Friday though. I'm really just looking forward to meeting other figure girls who can somewhat relate to what I've gone through (minus the crazy amount of chicken they have consumed I'm sure).


I've been debating about the nail thing- I've been trying hard to grow mine out so I didn't have to get them done. What do you guys think? I know presentation is a good portion of my score, will the nails make a huge difference?

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I don't know a thing about figure competing.. But I think, that it's better to show what you got with the kind of nails you prefer, than to glue something onto your hands you don't really want to have. Looking good is very much linked to confidence, I believe. So if you feel the most confident with the natural length of your nails I'd say go for it..

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Hey you!


I won't be able to make it to your show after all but really hope to catch one in the future, maybe we'll be on stage on the same day at the same show sometime later on down the road.


I wish you the very best in your competition! Cheering for you from Wisconsin knowing you will kick butt! You're looking great! Can't wait to hear about the results!


Go get em!



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You all are awesome!! Thanks for the support!

Today was my last gym session before Saturday, I shaved all of my body hair, feels weird with no arm hair. Last time I shaved my arms I was in elementary school.

Getting my nails done tommorow and picking up some earings to wear, the suit is being overnighted and should (better) arrive Friday. I'm almost glad it's late, the designer asked for updated measurments and I had lost a few inches in my waist (not to mention a few pounds). Getting excited to see what I'll look like all oiled up and tan! (I'll try to post some picks the night before)

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YOU will be AMAZING on stage! I was really impressed when I saw you in person weeks ago!


Wish I could be there, but Vegan Essentials and I will be cheering for you from Wisconsin.


You'll rock and I'm so excited to hear about it!

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Me too, in life and in competition!


Just focus when you're up there, know that it is only for a short period so give all that you have. Focus on breathing, contracting muscles, smiling, and putting your best foot forward, best pose forward and best effort.


All will go smoothly, will be amazingly fun and you may be hooked. That is how I got into it. Competing is so much fun!


Nothing like it.


All the BEST!


PS I just agreed to speak at DC VegFest in Sept. so see you again soon!


I can congratulate you on your hardware when I see you.


I took this pic 2 days ago at a hardcore training center:



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speaking of crepes.....



dieting down for a show sure has given me a huge amount of inspiration for my baking. I'll be making rocky road pancakes, something with the butterscotch chips I found, vegan cashew cream cannoli crepes (and/or cupcakes), I bought dried pineapples with chili powder on them and will be using them in some type of chocolate cupcake.


Also, I am throwing a vegan baby shower for my friend so I'm making samples of the dessert and foods or that- it's a jungle theme so I'm sticking with a lot of coconut and banana flavors for dessert and tropical/exotic foods for the rest. There will be about 70 people at the shower!! if all goes well I should just open a catering business already.lol


in other unrelated news- I'll be a teaching assistant this semester for a criminology class that I'm super stoked about!! I'll get paid and get to come to this class and learn for free. sweet!

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Thanks everyone for your support!


results: nothing!


I did debut (there were about 20 of us), novice tall (again about 15) and open tall (also 20). The competition was stiff, everyone looked amazing! I was a little surprised that I didn't place in anything- especially when I saw some of the people who did place! I guess you never know what they're looking for.

I'll upload a bunch of photos when I get a chance.



My focus now is to eat super clean (after a bit of fun food for a bit) and focusing on putting on more muscle- I really leaned out quick for this show. I may aim for another next May (Since I'm planning on going to Europe in June).

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Let's talk soon. I want to hear all about it.


Congratulations on competing! Many people (including on this forum) will talk about competing and 99% never will. It's awesome to get up on stage and be competitive.


I'm also surprised you didn't place. I didn't see any photos in the final week or two but when I saw you in person 4 weeks out you looked like you had an amazing shape, great shoulders, arms, and conditioning seemed to be on pace too.


No worries at all. I placed in the lower half of my first ever contest. The next one I came back and won and then I competed at the natural bodybuilding world championships the next year. So you never know how you and your body will respond to the new challenge. I believe great things are in your future.


See you in a few weeks at DC VegFest.


Congratulations on going through all the contest preparations, all the pre-contest dieting and for doing what most never will.....competing on stage.


All the BEST my friend!



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