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Greetings from Canada

Guest chariot

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Hi everyone!


I just kind of found this forum by chance, and having looked it over and liked what I saw, I decided to join.


I've been vegan for over four years now, and vegetarian for much longer than that. I started doing some bodybuilding a number of years ago, but drifted away from it before really getting all that far. Lately, I've been wanting to get back again, but need that extra push and encouragement to really persevere for the long haul.


I actually have some good basic free weight equipment at home that has been sitting under a pile of dust for too long. . .


When I was working out before, I was using books by Joyce Vedral. (I'm a woman in the age group that she likes to target in her books.) Has anyone here heard of Joyce Vedral? If so, what do you think of her routines?


I will be going to other threads here to check out information on good workouts and will be no doubt asking for lots of advice.


Oh yes, I have some extra pounds of fat I need to get rid of, and it's not easy because that vegan food is so delicious, but I really want to get serious. . .


Glad to be here.



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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!


I've been reading some more of the threads and really enjoying it. Well, I decided to make a fresh start with my workouts, so I found a new program to try that doesn't look too intimidating. I will be using Bill Pearl's "20 Months to a Champion Physique" training program, at least for awhile. His programs are free to download on his website. He starts you off nice and easy, warning about being careful not to burn out by starting off too heavy duty. He recommends a progressive full body workout three times a week for most of the first year.


Before, I was using Joyce Vedral's split routines on alternate days. I didn't like several of her exercises, and it was hard to keep going, and eventually I would always end up quitting. So I will give Bill Pearl a try, doing something new. He has certainly been around for a long time and I'm sure that his program will work for the older crowd such as myself. I believe he is 78 years old now, and still going strong!


I will open up a training and food diary soon to post my progress. This way it will be more difficult to cheat and slack off. . .

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