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What Sports Do You Play?

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I'm actually not a bodybuilder at all - just can't find any mountain biking vegan web sites so here I am.

Besides biking, I like trail running, soccer (played for my college), Tae kwon do, hoops, whatever. I'll do/play any sport.


I'd be into moutain biking if there were any mountains near where I live!


I ride a trail built on old train tracks around here a couple of times a week. The closest thing we have to hills on it are the trail brides that go up over the highways

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I've been a sports nut for as long as I can remember.

I played University soccer, made the university volleyball team (but declined to play....seemed a bit too serious and I wasn't willing to sacrifice my studies). I used to be a competitive curler too (what can I say...I'm Canadian )

Unfortunately, I blew out my ankle playing soccer and I haven't been the same since...lost 6 inches off my vertical jump (thus ending most of my aspirations) Can't play many sports with lateral movement now, so I did some long distance running (did a marathon and a few half marathons...of course my body rebelled against all that wear & tear too)

Now I'm taking up bodybuilding, which should be a significant challenge (always been a bit of a hardgainer)


Sometimes I wonder if I couldn't put my energies to better use, but doggone it........ sports are just sooooo much fun!!!!

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Floorball pretty much looks like this:


Or like this even:



So as you can see its a most entertaining sport .

Its played indoor, each team has 5 players plus a goalie on the field, game time is 3x20 min. Ball can only be played with the stick below the knees, ball can not be played with hand or head, ball can not be kicked to a team member... Well, that was a very short and random summary of the rules, there are lots more .And of course the objective is to score more goals than the other team .

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looks like floor hockey!

We play floorhockey in Canada . looks pretty similar

Our stick blades are usually solid and not as curved. (basically it's hockey in a gym using a ball)


Sponge Hockey is also very popular... outdoor hockey on ice, no skates, using a soft rubber puck)


thanks for the info Bronco !

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