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Hello from St. Louis


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Hi. I just found this site and figured I'd introduce myself. Hopefully, I'm right in thinking this site is not just for body builders, but anyone interested in veganism and general fitness.


I'm a 31yo married woman from St. Louis, MO. As of lately, I haven't put much effort into the areas of fitness and nutrition. The vast majority of my current exercise revolves around walking dogs, both my own and those at a no-kill shelter I volunteer with. In years past, I enjoyed running, swimming, yoga, and Tae Kwon Do. Sparring kicked my butt (literally) and got me into the best shape of my life. Those muscles have long since fallen off, but I'm determined I will be getting back into shape again. Tomorrow marks my first day for rejuvinating the healthy eating and fitness plan. Veganism, healthy eating, and regular exercise will be a change for me, but I'm up for a challenge. After all, the things that tend to be the hardest work also tend to be the most rewarding

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Thanks for the additional well wishes.


St. Louis is a pretty cool place. I've been there a few times...mostly to go to the airport, but i've wondered around some. The pace of the traffic seems much quicker than it is here in southern IL.

St. Louis is definately decent. I like that it's a medium sized city. There's enough here, without being overwhelming. Traffic moves fast when you're lucky . I'd rather ride the metro and avoid it altogether, but unfortunately it doesn't go much of anywhere ... like anywhere close to my house.


Hi and welcome ! I hope you like veganism so far

It's only day 1, but so far so good


I like the name

Oh. Thanks! It was a random moment when I came up with that, but I like random moments so it stuck

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My husband and I are in St. Louis also, but soon to be out. lol. We're moving further up northwest, to Bellingham, WA. Yeah, St. Louis is a pretty nice place. We just have a better job opportunity in WA, and plus I am in need of less heat (I know, sad that I'm a Louisiana Cajun girl and can't stand the Summer temperatures over 80! lol).

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