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HCPG's progress =^_^=

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Okay, I'm just being hopeful here... And a little bit macho too, of course.


I'll begin this with a year old photo of me at the time I lost a lot of weight due to being sick often. July 2006 I weighted 64kg (141lbs) as I had gained mucles while training Kyusho aiki jutsu/Ryukyu-Kempo and by july 2007 I had lost 14kgs (~30-31lbs) and at my lowest I weighted 48kg (105lbs).


July 2007:

But hey, I'm a terrible bassplayer, so don't ask.


Next pictures I'm putting behind link-tags, since they're so big. They're taken almost a year later, when I was doing some occational BW training, like sit-ups, push-ups, squats and some random back exercises and I was eating terribly, 'cause I wanted to "lose weight". These pictures aren't taken for this purpose, so they might not show any dramatic change in me. I'm about 56kg (123lbs) in these shots..


June 2008:

(At least my hair has grown...)


And then, as tuc motivated me to finally go to the gym to work out, my legs started to grow a little and at the end of july my body looked like this:


And as August is for bulking...


Now, this is it, for now. I hope I'll get some nice shots tomorrow after gym. Today I weight 60,9kg (134lbs).


e. Changed the headline.

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More weight = more goodness Great transformation!

Yeah, I know... My boobs (and buttocks) are bigger than before. I have a nice, curvy body.


To Richard: I don't really have a goal. Just trying to get bigger muscles, I guess. I just want to become stronger than ever before.

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I'm too lazy to do a training log-thread. Today I deadlifted 67,5kgs and it's a new PB! My last personal best is 60kgs, so i've improved a lot.


And my upperbody is looking more muscular now than before. But I'm still like a stick figure. I still have a lot to do and a long way ahead of me.

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I'm 5 foot 8 inches (5'8"?), as in 173cm. And I weighted about 127lbs/58kg in that picture.


I think that 173 is more like 69.2 inches, isnt it? that would be a little over 5'9"? very nice pics

Oh, I feel SO TALL right now!!! Thank you!

173 centimeter = 68.110 236 22 inch

173 centimeter = 5.675 853 018 4 feet


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