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HCPG's progress =^_^=

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Currently looking like this:


I haven't fitted into those bikinis since my early teens so I was shocked to see how thin I've become and had to take a picture of it.


Even my belly button has reformed for it used to be pretty deep and nowdays it's much flatter and I can feel my abs better and maybe even see them better. Like a month ago my back looked amazing after the hard work-out I did for months and for the loss of fat.


Don't mind the mess, it's been rough times.

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Your core looks great like that, darlin'! Don't get all stringy and six-packy. Smooth, silky lines look fantastic on a firm feminine form. No need to look like a ladder, leave that to the XY's. Ha, ha!



It's not like I'm seriously getting low fat. It's just that I've had problems with eating due to stuff I wrote to my log (Post-traumatic Stress) so I lost a lot of weight and fat.

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