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for Natalie

chesty leroux

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This is the easiest junk foodiest ( i got it from PETA go figure) chocolate cake recipe. I wanted to make some cupcakes for my brothers birthday and I was like hey, why not make blue frosting on them and post for nat. I hope you appreciate what a pain in the rear it is to make icing smurf blue.





Box of veganChocolate Duncan hines cake mix ( some have milk, check the labels)

and 10 oz of a dark soda


and, duncan hines vegan frosting and LOTS of blue food coloring

(less than $5 for all ingredients)




1. Mix soda and cake mix



2.Put batter in cake pan or cupcake pan, put in over and bake acording to box



3.Mix the icing and food coloring







1. Don't fill the muffin cups as much as I did, if they overflow they stick to the pan and you cant get them out hence I only frosted one cupcake also because of number

2. This cake is unstable, dont use aluminum muffin cups like i did, they stick, and if your gonna use a pan grease it really really well...I actually think this would be best as one of those cakes you decorate in the baking pan and just spoon it out of there...really unstable.


Anybody have any suggestions to make these more stable? They taste great, theyre just a mess.

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A torrent of joy knocked me out of my chair when I saw the final pic-- and I thought to myself, "OMG that's gotta be better than...." [ash already read this so i deleted the rest of my thoughts. Just girl talk'.




Are you sure the Duncan Heinz stuff is vegan?????? I cannot believe that it could be THAT easy.


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I'm glad you like them They should be adequate for your cravings hey?



About half of the duncan hines boxes are vegan and half arent, just check on the side, at the very end of the ingredients they either say

"Contains: Wheat" or "Contains: Wheat and Milk". The one I used was actually called Butter Recipe Fudge, which surprised me it was vegan since it said Butter on it, but you add the butter. I'm sure you could sub vegan margerine for the butter if you wanted to, and then use some silken tofu as an egg sub if you wanted to try that. Good luck with these and remember, no cupcake liners! And have some soy milk on hand to wash them down!

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Ash, I couldnt take my eyes off the pic with the whole BATCH of cupcakes for a good 10 minutes. Seriously. Thanks for posting more of my dream dessert for me!!!!


CrispyQ --


I am sure everybody can now understand my lust for smurf blue icing -- imagine sinking your teeth into one of those smurf blue babies!!!! Yumm.........................................

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