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Vegan Vacation 2009 Suggestions?


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Any suggestions for Vegan Vacation 2009?


Please keep in mind as you suggest locations, the most important aspect is having a capable organizer. It is a lot more work than most people know.


The organizer doesn't have to live in the proposed city, but wherever it ends up, we'll need someone who is in charge of running it from start to finish.




We want to get a jump on it.




P.S. previous nominees have been:


Los Angeles, CA

Asheville, NC

B.C. Canada




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Yeah, we usually do a poll.


I just need some suggestions for the poll.


I'm going to nominate Washington D.C. for a few reasons:


1. We have lots of forum members who already live there

2. There are limitless things to do there

3. It is veg-friendly with some great spots for vegan food and vegan groups in the area

4. Veganpotter lives there and every year, he travels 3000 miles for Vegan Vacation.

5. Lots of East Coast members from NY, Boston, and around the area could easily get to D.C.


So D.C. gets a nomination from me.


Other cities?



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