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Vegan Vacation EAST and WEST


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Since the majority of our forum members are in the US, our Vegan Vacation has been held in the US.


To increase accessibility, I am thinking of hosting:


Vegan Vacation East




Vegan Vacation West


There would be two Vegan Vacation options, one on the West Coast, one on the East Coast.


Some people would end up attending both, purely out of interest, but the idea would be to make it more accessible to more people.


It may mean that each gathering is smaller but as our forum grows, I think both groups would be pretty substantial.


We have certain areas of the country with dense populations of forum members such as Portland, OR and as I found out, Washington, D.C. and other areas such as Pitt, and a few other places.


Thoughts on an East and West V.V.


Would it divide the group too much or would it be a good idea to reach more people?


One could be in the summer, the other the winter perhaps, or one in early summer and one in late summer.


Another idea is East Coast one year, West Coast the next year and alternate each year until we get enough people involved to have multiple V.V. each year.



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Not at one time...they would be at different times throughout the year......


But I'm liking the idea better to do one year West Coast, the next year East Coast with our continued smaller gatherings like you are seeing in D.C., NY, Germany, Portland, L.A., etc.


They wouldn't overlap....if there were two big ones, they'd be months apart.

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I think either way could work out quite well. If there were two maybe one could a winter sort of vacation, like skiing, and the other could be at a warmer time so people could go swimming and stuff. And of course alternate east and west coast vacations would work out well too, and could be bigger gatherings.

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D.C. We are forming a larger group... here!! So hopefully we can establish this area as A VBB&Fitness destination. We welcome any members who come to this area. Let us know if you come into town we will be glad to meet you and make you feel welcome!


VBB has done a lot for me ... I feel that want to give back!


- again thanks Robert your visit hear has inspired all of us!

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I definitely would attend VV East! I was almost willing to drive the 43 hours to Portland this past summer but an 8 hour drive is much much nicer.


And unless you can take two vacations like this a year, I think holding them on alternate years would be best since I'd expect/hope to meet you there!

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I'll be traveling all over the country this year, and next and the forum could nearly double in size as a result, so we may end up with Vegan Vacation Portland, Ashville, D.C. and other places...depending on how we can grow the forum.


Please encourage people you know to join to make our community even stronger. Thanks!

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I'm thinking L.A. and D.C. for these locations for future V.V. ....and yes they are cities, but yes, they both have incredible outdoor activities to do. ..I've spent significant time in both places and have been hiking in the woods in both cities, been out on the water, or on the beach, and went to incredible gyms, ate great food and made great friends..


Both are two of the fastest growing areas for current, active forum members.


They get my votes...maybe we'll do 2 in one year and people can decide which one to go to.

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I just talked with Jessifly.


There are more reasons to choose L.A. for V.V. than any other place right now....I'm pretty sure. The only other place being D.C. but what I'm thinking is that we piggy back the Animal Rights Conference which attracts 1000 vegans and they host their event in L.A. and D.C. alternating years.


I thought of this a year or two ago, but now it makes the most sense.


We all meet up not just for V.V. but for the AR Conference too, and then we recruit a bunch of AR people to hang with us on Venice, CA as well.


We'll get a big beach house near Muscle Beach and everyday train, play on the beach, go to more vegan restaurants than any city in America has to offer, hang out with local forum members, visit Malibu and cycle or hike up there, get into Hollywood for tourist stuff, etc.


Makes the most sense to me from Vegan, most people, and fitness perspectives As well as most things to do as a tourist coming from far away Cheap airport too.


L.A. this summer anyone?

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