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I have tried the 8x8 system, and still use it now and then. It is one of the more difficult routines I have tried, as I don't think I have the greatest muscular endurance. I personally prefer the 5x5 system as I like the lower rep range and have built more size and strength with it.

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have known of vince and his training methods for many years and used to own his book unleashing the wild physique years ago, but ive always had my best results both in strength and size gain doing just one or two sets per body part, compound excercises to complete failure as heavy as possible.[HIT]

Now im getting old and concetrating mainly on my running now I thought id give different types of routines a try.

vinces ideas were light weights with only 10-15 seconds between sets, completely opposite to what ive done before, so i was just wondering if anybody had tried his routines.

heres an article on one of vinces methods



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I have that book and also the other one he wrote with Robert Kennedy, which I cannot remember the name of right now. He was ahead of his time in many ways and had a few great bodybuilders training with him (Makkawy was awesome back in the day). I don't agree with some of his ideas, like barbell squats building 'turnip thighs' and his heavy emphasis on meats and cream and so forth but his recommendations of cycling diet and training was very advanced.

When I said I prefer the 5x5 it was only in comparison to the 8x8, my predominant training style is a hybrid of DC training and Mike mentzers theories (low volume, rest/pauses, negative reps, back off sets etc) but I do change it up now and then.

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check out this site for more info on vince gironda training


if you go to the site map then training articles there is some excellent info on there.

I have to say that after getting to grips with what this man is really trying to say I understand more what he was getting at, and have since my first post on this thread, been training on a routine alternating the light 8x8 routine[although i do 6x8] with only 15-30 seconds between sets, with a heavy slow reps[4x4 seconds] 1 set per bodypart to failure routine, training 3 week on 1 week off[again as gironda advised] and am having some great results


I am never in the gym more than 35 minutes, and after the back legs biceps 6x8 workout have trouble carrying my training bag home lol

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