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I've been absent for a while now, but I'm back for real this time. I'm going back to school on Tuesday (I'm commuting) and I have time between classes for lunch. The dining halls don't have much that I can eat so I bought a lunch box and an ice pack (which makes me feel like I'm 7) so that I can brown bag it.


Does anyone have any vegan lunch box ideas? I'm really interested in sandwich ideas besides the peanut butter and jelly (which are my favorite!) that would be good and will keep until noon in a lunch box. Thanks everyone!

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The most portable, healthiest meal I've come up with yet is brown rice sushi. I usually fill it with cucumbers, carrots, a pickled vegetable of some kind, cooked tofu, mustard or some sort of condiment. I also double wrap 'em to get the extra nori... It might smell a bit but it makes a great lunch!


Bean/pasta salads are also pretty good.

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