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This is really fun

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tri press downs ([email protected])

At the gym I'm at, if you do Tri press downs on one of the cables that is set up to do Cable Crossovers, or Two Arm Cable Curls the weights mark on the plates are for both sides combinded, so if you use just one side it's actually only half the weight marked on the plate.


PS Happy Belated Birthday



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Day after rest day I always wanna stay in bed, but once I hit the workout, it's usually fabulous.


Trying to not go too hard this week. I can do that next week if I want. My legs wanted more weight, but I kept it steady.



bike to gym, bike shop, home

run 55 mins (5k=25:08 added 4/10 mile to distance)

rotary calf press 210x20 230x20 ([email protected])

superset seated leg extension ([email protected]) ham curl ([email protected])

superset db chest press([email protected]) db bi curl ([email protected])

superset cable chest fly ([email protected]) bb bi curl ([email protected])

bosu balance bi curls (idk, alot)

stability platform bi curls 10# 20/20 20/20

superset med ball balance squats 5# 10/5/10



scoop of protein w/ h20

200 cal oatmeal, coffee/soy


Scoop of protein, 75 cal oatmeal, pear, ginger, h20

3 cups pcorn

bowl of cabbage/tomatoes, 2 veg burgers

8 choc covered almonds

600 cal tempt

bowl of rice puff granola

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oh, the ones at the end aren't really anything, they're just to give my arms a little something to do while my legs and core are working.



Hams and quads a little sore.

Tweaked out my right tri again.

went 10 lbs light on lat pulls/pressdowns.

Did not want to get in the water at all.

carb bombed after workout, was not hungry for a long long time after that.

Swam pretty fast, biked pretty fast



bike to gym and home

military press ([email protected])

assisted wide grip pull ups 10/10/10 then some narrow ones cuz got frustrated

superset wide grip pull downs ([email protected]) tri press downs ([email protected])

superset bb skullcrusher ([email protected]) lateral raise ([email protected])

stability platform db mil press 8x 20/20 20/20)

30 min swim (fs)

fatstest transition i could manage





Scoop of protein, 75 cal oatmeal, ½ pear, ½ peach ginger, h20

God only knows how much granola

3 baby tomatoes

½ cuke, tomato, nopales, veg burger

bowl of cantaloupe, few bites of veggies, veg burger, cup of fruit/protein smoothie from a.m.

cup of granola


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the other night i dreamed i was in a closed room filling with water. i kept trying to find air, and a shark and a tiger kept trying to eat me.




chill day


rode to work, then around town


supersetted some hanging leg lifts and weighted hyperextensions, went on a fast treadmill walk cuz i only had my flip flops. 30 min swim in a wetsuit, hella fun, didnt want to get out.




Parsley, tomato, ginger, hemp, h20 smoothie

Scoop of protein, h20

scoop of vega, 15 baby carrots, celery, 2 baby tomatoes


2 cookies

scoop of protein, 100 cal oatmeal, coffee, ginger, h20 smoothie


6 chocolate covered pretzels, 2 hazelnuts

burrito de nopales, 8? Chocolate covered pretzles

a peach and a pear

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Next time you hang out on our porch, I hope I'm there!


Logging Friday for asthma tracking purposes

rest day.


usual kind of protein shakes all day (except one with vanilla flavored hemp)


granola, spinach, 2 small potatoes, 2 veg burgers for dinner

stevia soda which made me kind of nauseous


i think my hydration was decent but in hindsight i should have been more on it.

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Race report: triathalon #2




Woke up to the sound of fast and heavy raindrops. Slept a half hour past my alarm, but it was ok. Turned the coffee maker on, washed my face, poooured my 150 calories of soaked oats in a to go cup, threw my stuff in the car, and hit the road. It was hard to choke those oats down.


Really glad I rode the course before the race. On the hour drive to the race, I not only reminded myself what i needed to do to transition quickly, but where i wanted to drink, shift, coast, and possibly eat on the bike. Also glad I knew the way to the lake... all this took the edge off my nerves. I was so psyched to get to it!


Got marked, peed a couple times, and delayed setting up transitions till the last minute cuz of the drizzle. Set stuff out in seperate garbage bags. I walked down to test the waters, the lake was warm! I got nervous bout the bumpy run from the lake to transition, I planned to walk it.



Again surprised myself at how strong I was going in the water. Got to the head of my wave with 2 others in front of me. Sighting was easy, swam freestyle the whole way except for a few strokes of sidestroke to sight once. No asthma. Hit the ground strong.



Ran up the hill, feeling my lungs closing in on me. Made it to transition, sucked on the inhaler, tucked it in my bag, and spent way too much time trying to get my arm warmers on. Almost forgot my gloves. The garbage bag transition worked to keep stuff dry, but not so great for keeping everything visible. Ran the bike, mounted flawlessly, and hit the hill hard.



Sucked on the inhaler the first chance I had. Hit it fast and hard. Forced myself to eat Had a blast. Threw the chain off at the top of the longest hill. Lost some time, but not too bad. Stayed strong the whole ride. I would have placed way better on the bike if it wasn't for that.



Cruised in on one pedal, hit the dismount running. I whipped off the arm warmers and gloves, ticked my inhaler in my top, grabbed my race belt and took off. Forgot the helmet. Woops! Pretty happy with this one.



Didn't need the inhaler. Got a side stitch on the downhill so I looked into the woods and tried to get into the zone. That worked pretty well. I thought the uphill on the way back would be so hard, but it was no prob. I ran with this guy hard to the top, but had to slow before the last slope down to the finish so I wouldn't throw up. Got it settled and came in strong.


What I did right:

Preload my lungs with inhaler.

Being familiar with the course helped, as did having my inhaler ready. Swim training was spot on. Running hills has been useful. Knowing how to organize during transition was key.


What to do better for next time:

Preload my lungs with prednisone as well as inhaler. Me and my doc for sure think I'm allergic to something in lake water.

Train swimming for distance now, technique is good enough to allow for it.

I passed people uphill on the bike, but got passed by the heavy hitters on fancy bikes, so more distance hill work is in order. Train for overall distance and speed anyways, although more speed work is gonna necessitate a different bike. I need to really work on running speed and distance. My hamstrings need to be stronger, so train for that... I think my quads are good. Winter will see me really pushing speedwork for inclines on the treadmill, although I am happy I trained downhill too. Also, next time Scott tells me to fix my derailleur, I need to fix my derailleur!


I don't have the official times with me... But I placed first in my age group and 9th overall for my distance (male and female.) Not too bad for losing my chain!

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Thanks, it was really fun. I can't wait to do it again.



Lungs still a little sore from the attack, so I went slow, ended up running faster than i thought i would



5 mi run (a-hill loop)


workout 2:

5 min crosstrainer

military press ([email protected])(17x20... 3x17.5)

assisted wide grip pull ups 10/10/10

superset wide grip pull downs ([email protected]) tri press downs ([email protected])

superset bb skullcrusher ([email protected]) lateral raise ([email protected])

cable row([email protected])

rear delt fly ([email protected])

med ball balance db mil press ([email protected] 7.5 x 20)





Parsley, tomato, ginger, hemp, tbs miso, h20 smoothie

Scoop of vega, 75 cal oatmeal, tbs of cocoa, h20

Smart muffin (black sheep) vega sport


Some bites of some flax cereal, 2 veg burgers, broccoli, carrot, grean beans

2 cups of go lean crunch

soy yogurt, go lean

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aw, noooo, seriously no reason for that.


quick update: sunday:


rode up rocky butte, the to gym for 20 min swim, kicked out of the pool at cleaning time.


super upset stomach all day except while i was eating dinner.




Hemp, 75 cal oatmeal, cinnamon, coffee smoothee

Smart muffin and a peanutbutter thing


5 cups of very salty popcorn

burrito de nopales, 600 cals coconut milk ice cream

peach, lunabar

couple bites of granola.

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Coffee/soy, a couple bites of granola, tsp of miso in water

>>>6 mile ride<<<

Hemp, parsley, tomato, ginger, h20 smoothie

Scoop of protein, h2o

15 bay carrots, a piece of bread

zucchini, celery, green pepper. veg burger, a piece of bread

100 cal oatmeal

>>>ride up a very big hill<<<

a bowl of dahl

builder bar and 460 cals of soy dream

a couple bites of really salty charcoaled popcorn


my bag was so freaking heavy.

good for training in some ways i guess, but difficult for perfecting technique

"the pack on my back is aching, the straps seem to cut me like a knife"

should probably come up with new commuting solutions

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