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Thanks so much for the well wishes. I'm ok, I'm just mostly pissed off about it. Yesterday my friend was like, it's bound to happen, we're bike riders, you know it has to some time... which was a good reminder. I been thinking about trying some new sports this winter, but I'm afraid to go throught the injuries people inevitably get when they start new sports... i feel like i paid my dues ot the bike. But I know that sticks and stones and bones are all part of it. The other thing is it took me so freakin long to come back from my last injury, I just got pretty shaken up by this. It's minor. Really no big deal. It was even cool to look into the gash on my knee before the blood came! I'm lucky and I love it.




Fell running. I never did that before. I was so nervous though, and my owie leg was dragging a little i guess. I sat there a sec, reminded myself to have fun, and then i did, up a hill, down a hill, for the next 4 miles. I was ready for more at the end of that run. Played this the whole time, it really worked, surprisingly:


I walked away demoralized from the bosu to buso jumps, my knee wasn't letting me do it. Put them away. Then I was like i'll be god damned if i dont do this and i nailed em. all psychological.



Workout 1

5 mile run, abs (crunches and ball crunches) 8 minute mile av


Workout 2

crunches 50 50/50 50

incline crunches 20 20/20 20

weighted h.e. [email protected]#x20

bosu to bosu jumps



>>>5 mile run, abs<<<

2 scoops protein, cantaloupe, tbs flax h2o smoothie, ~250 cals popcorn

scoop of protein, celery, ginger, h2o

cliff bar



~20 chocolate covered almonds

bowl of veggies, 300 cal tofu


~250 cals popcorn, 6 corn chips




45 minute ride at lunch


worst gym workout ever

not gonna rly write about it, but it sucked big time, included tears and a dead ipod. theres just some things i'm not gonna be able to do with this knee for a while, and i think my hips and rotator cuff are more out of it than i thought before. first time i ever left the gym pissed. ride home was fine.

30 min elliptical

5 mins sucky jumproping

superset db chest press ([email protected]) db bi curl ([email protected])

superset cable chest fly ([email protected]) bb bi curl ([email protected])

med ball balance db bi curl ([email protected]#x30)



22 mile sunrise ride

maybe i'll do more later and/or log my food.

song of the day:


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lots I agree with in your last post. I think doing some new sports would be a great way to improve your fitness. Making the body learn and do new things always yields good results and honestly you can get hurt doing anything so i wouldn't let that stop you!


I also agree with you that working out is so much more mental than just physical. Sometimes you just need to tell you body to do something it doesn't seem to want to do and it will do it. good for you!


Hope your healing up I agree that is a hard process for people like us!

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i did take it a little gentler on wednesday, which was nice, it felt like i mostly just took a lot of pressure off myself, which was inherently a healing thing to do

Making the body learn and do new things always yields good results and honestly you can get hurt doing anything so i wouldn't let that stop you!
good point mary, thanks for that, you are so right




redemption at the gym, made it fun, stayed away from stuff that tweaeked hips, rotator cuff, or knee, and watched the dodgers get their asses kicked by philly. watching manny makes everything fun.


i was a food inhalation machine.



db overhead press warm up sets then (10x25#)([email protected]#x20)

superset wide grip pull downs ([email protected]) tri press downs ([email protected])

superset overhead tri ([email protected]/20) db lateral raise ([email protected])

reverse delt fly ([email protected]#x20)

med ball balance ([email protected])


(30 mins elliptical)

protein, tsp flax, banana smoothie

vega oatmeal cocoa smoothie

( bike commute)

3 pieces bread

(2 mile walk)

veg sausage, zuchinni





(3o min elliptical, 14 min mile, delts &tris)

(bike commute)

2 veg burgers, veggies go free bar

~200 cal corn chips

cliff bar

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8 milews of commuting, technically a rest day



laid back with some weights and bent my knees and got this sharp omg pain from my wound it hurt so bad i yelped. i figured out a way to do it without pain, yay for that victory. i was tired, i couldn't summon a whole bunch of energy.


so many wet leaves on the street are making me have to go slower than i'm wanting to go.


bike commute


30 minutes elliptical

30 minutes treadmill (15 min miles)

superset db chest fly ([email protected]) db bi curl ([email protected])

superset cable chest fly 25x20 30x20 cable bi curl (forgot the weight)

med ball balance db bi curl ([email protected])

bosu to bosu jumps were awesome

left the gym singing he's so fine doolangdoolangdoolang




parsley hemp tomato smoothie

3 blueberry oat squares

2 pieces of bread, a few baby carrots


a veg sauasage, zucchini, a red pepper

200 cal oatmeal

coffee, soy


2 veg burgers, green beans, builder bar


i feel gross cuz i havent been riding very fast for very long or running. looking forward to a nonrainy weekend and my owie getting better faster now, i think it crossed some threshold of healing.

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Ok I will be for sure



42 mile ride

hit the big hill, mostly flat, got some speedwork in. 2 pairs of socks worked marginally well. got a flat but it was still an excellent ride. i wanted more but i guess i had other stuff to do.



coffee/soy/spoon of rice syrup

power gel

20 grapes

persimmon, 100 cal oat, 2 scoop protein smoothie

~6oo cal popcorn

tomato/parsley juice with 1 tsp miso

~200 cal rice cakes

300 cal tofu with peppers and zucchini

2 go free bars

cliff bar, emergenc

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it doesn't snow too much in the city, our challenge here is black ice. i like to stay off that stuff, i've taken my share of broken ribs on it. i'll ride if there's bare pavement any time of year.




i was so surprised at how strong my run was today. idk if its cuz i didnt run all week or cuz i haven't rocked lower body weights for a while, although i did do weighted h.e. last sunday i think. i shall investigate further. i came in under 8 min miles, not sure on exact time.


workout 1

5 mile run, 60 sit ups


workout 2

5 min elliptical

rotary calf press 20x 270, 270, 290, 290

superset seated leg extension (20x 80,90,90,90) seated ham curl (20x60,70,70,70)

seated leg press 20x 200,230,260,290

i was using my good knee to take all the weight on the return to save my old injury, so i worked with that leg alone for ~100 reps, couldn't get it past 90. it felt nice to be able to challenge my legs more without having to worry about saving a little of them to get me home




workout 1

banana, 100 cal oats, 2 scoop protein, h20 smoothie

200 cals rice cake

scoop of protein, 1 tsp flax, h20


workout 2

scoop of protein, h20 with 5 handfuls bunny cereal

4 cookies

parsley, spinach, ~ 250 cals tvp

soy yogurt

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Sweet log. I haven't checked it out in a while. I hope you recover 100% from the crash soon! I've been contemplating whether or not I'll be riding my bike when it starts freezing here in Portland. I think I'll give it a try, but that black ice is pretty crazy (though I didn't run into any last year).

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thanks mikkei, i'm getting there


mary, that smoothie is bomb. i use quick cooking oats. pour 100 calories of em in a blender with some water, let em sit a few minutes, then blend on low for like a minute, then add a scoop of berry vega, when that's incorporated, add a tbs of unsweetened cocoa. if i add stevia it goes in right at the end. it's really good. a few cubes of ice make it really refreshing for under 250 cal



monday - bike commute

30 mins elliptical

13:45 walking mile

db overhead press warm up sets then ([email protected]#x20)

superset wide grip pull downs ([email protected]) tri press downs ([email protected])

cable row ([email protected]#x20)

superset bb skullcrusher ([email protected]) db lateral raise ([email protected])

med ball balance ([email protected])


usual monday food, forgot to drink during/after workout, woke up parched, drank hella water, ended up bloated


skullcrushers felt insanely powerful




pure joy, going backwards on the treadmill rocks. a guy jumped on the tm next to me and did some too.


for some reason, my biceps didn't wanna work.


bike commute

1 mile walking backwards (3.7)

1 mile walk (13:02)

10 min elliptical (t4 r4 >230bpm)

5 min jumprope int

superset db chest fly ([email protected]) db bi curl ([email protected])

seated fly ([email protected])

superset cable chest fly ([email protected]) cable pronated bi curl ([email protected])

screwed around with the jumprope

stood in the sauna for 10 min before i got warm enough to get on the bike



carbs carbs carbs prob only 60g protein. i'll boost protein on thursday and maybe wednesday

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Nope haven't ever tried it. I should but I never can remember to pick up carob. I bet it's good. Now I have more reason to not forget. salt, carob, coffee filters. Check.


Running backwards looked so easy to me but it totally wasn't! I started teaching myself at .5 and just went up from there. if i can do the basic move, anyone can, i'm the biggest klutz in the world. seriously. it helped me to find a song that could pace me, i used this




34 mile ride, good speed, wicked fun, so cold, it made me eat more than usual cuz i caught a chill.




200 cal oatmeal

1/2 blueberry square

2 muffins, celery

RIDE... 3 cliff blocks and a clif bar

banana, 2 scoops protein, h20 smoothie

300 cal tofu with celery, napa, red pepper

go free bar

clif bar

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8 miles of commuting. carbs in the morning, no food in the afternoon or evening, tofu with tomato, red pepper and a cliff bar at night.



i figured i could go easy on the endurance training since i danced a couple hours in the afternoon. the drop portion of move move shake shake now drop drop drop drop was tweaky but just fine on my knee. my plan for the gym was to do five minutes of hardcore cardio between each group of sets of whatever, i failed because i got distracted. i did leave the gym singing he's so fine doo lang again. i didnt realize i was doing press downs at 100 till i was done the second set, i was so distracted, the third set i was either less energized or i psyched myself out of finishing 20 of them at 100... probably a little of both.


bike commute

5 mins elliptical

played on the med ball

db press warm up sets then [email protected]

5 mins elliptical

superset wide grip pull downs ([email protected]) tri press downs (90,100,100/90x20)

superset db overhead tri ([email protected]) db lateral raise ([email protected])

superset cable row ([email protected]) reverse fly ([email protected])

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and fearful of my luck?


broken foot.

at least 2 weeks till swimming

at least 3 weeks till biking

at least 4 weeks till walking

then i can run when it doesnt hurt at about 6 weeks or so


gonna try and figure out some stuff to do till i can get back to it

my knee is still fucked from that crash i was in

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sorry about the foot sister! I bet you can use a rower at the gym. Just keep you injured foot out of it. Also does your gym have an arm bike? you could do that too. Try to focus on upperbody strength exercises the next couple of weeks and you can gain a lot of strength there by focusing on it for this brief period. And it you live heavy and fast it can still be some met con for you.

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