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This is really fun

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both. i hear you can housebreak both of them.



pedal stroke still needs tweaking, form on the p/c/p needs work, all in all not a bad workout for a heavy period day



40 min spin vid (lvl 10 endurance)

power clean/press 10x30# 5x20x45#

hanging leg lift 2x40

seated bb press 20x45 20x50

standing overhead db press 2x20x15#


ate a lot at night in an affort to stay awake, it did not work.

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funny! most hippies i know aren't vegan. especially the males of the species.



big long workday, usual commute




little lunch ride

60 min spin video (lvl 10 endurance with some hi res standing intervals thrown on)

chest/bi/abs (4 rounds)

knee balance (could use work but my quads are still sore so w/e)

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tried on my running shoes and my other knee started hurting, wtf, put em in my clips anyways and rode to the gym downtown.


walking did not feel good at first but it was ok after a while. running felt fine! but i didnt want to push it. foots sore today.


20 min tread walk 4.0

10 min run 6.0

back/chest/abs (4 rounds)



100 cal oats, 2 scoops protein, coffee/soy

apple larabar

workout << cherry larabar

400 cal tofu, cauliflower, builder bar

builder bar, apple

builder bar

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nope they were my fave running shoes from right before my foot got broke. i dont trust my foot enough yet to test run on some new ones at the moment. i think i might just have to retrain that old knee injury to be ok with a little heel, cuz i been walking on skater shoes and chucks mostly since the break..

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this could be the beginning of the Vegans Are Not Icky Stinky Hippies movement. VANISH



18 or 19 mile ride half of it into the east wind by the river. when i hit the road i needed to adjust a flasher, so i stopped and i was dizzy... i guess i need to ride in storms more. there was so much water on the road, this was the first time i was ever scared by a truck out there. when i remembered to feather my gears, it worked great. couldn;t get warm for 2 hours when i got in no matter what i did.




100 cal oatmeal, 2 scoops protein, coffee/soy


2 scoops protein, pear, 1 tbs flax smoothie

builder bar


2 brazil nuts

400 cal tofu, broccoli, carrot, parsnip, apple, gofree bar


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u guys are funnyyyyy.



ride up The Hill and back

commute to work.


ate alot of carbs, including rice cakes and popcorn... some turmoil and sadness going on in life, lots of people coming in from out of town, last night i felt like i was eating emotionally (more than usual) and i think that's gonna be a potential issue over the next few days along with the shaking up of my usual schedule. so my challenge is gonna be to eat to satisfy hunger, not out of social or emotional needs. i'm not rly sure how to do that , things are gonna be crazy and i won't have many moments to self-reflect.


it will help to

1. portion control

2. put restrictions on the type of food i'm gonna eat

3. control eating times and windows

4. make sure to get enough exercise although that could be hard

5. snacking is gonna happen, have decent snacks around and stick to those

6. hide the builder bars

7. stay cool and focused, remember to breathe, and hit the pedals if it starts to get to crazy. don't forget the bike makes everything better.

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eh it is what it is, pretty crappy


anyways... here's my log



not much training, biked some intense angst fueled sprints into the underworld



worked alot, rode like 16 miles or so. emotional eating binge at night but maybe i was just replacing carbs, idk



rode like 8 or 10 miles in a freakin wind tunnel, almost got blown over on 82nd, then work, then gym:

power c/p:

2x 5x20

2x 10x30

5x 20x40 or maybe 6 sets, i lost track

30 min spin (lvl 10 endurance)

seated db press 3x 20x17.5

shoulder press (lever, maybe weight #4?) 3sets 20

hanging leg lifts 4x25

oblique crunches 100/100

superset reverse db delt flyes (3x20x7.5) db crunches (2x50x35#)

couple of knee balances

i think that's it, idk


house is crazy, things are crazy, eating is gonna prob want to be be off and emotional. i need to stick to the plan, talked about accompanying homeboy on his cut, idk i'll see how it goes, if i start training endurance and speed ima need to adjust my diet accordingly but i think i would benefit from some kind of cut.

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i'm trying i'm trying. thanks for the reminder, i need it. i wish this situation would stop dragging on so long.



couldn't find a few to workout. Rode my bike a few miles to a show. doesn't rly count.



20ish something ride... marine drive was beautiful, i felt fast and strong even though my quads were still sore.

chest/bis/abs (4 rounds)

knee balances


was gonna hit the calf press but there were way too many zombies hovering around it for too long. next possible time for that would be tues morn or weds pm.


i got to come up with a schedule for weight training and being outside. from now on wednesday will be the last day of the week i could work on legs. havent trained with weights so much this week, and like this morning my pecs are sore, which is a good thing, but i didnt rly train em that intensely compared to what i usually do. i think part of why i ride the way i do is because of weight training, i dont wanna lose that.

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was gonna hit the calf press but there were way too many zombies hovering around it for too long. next possible time for that would be tues morn or weds pm.


You have a lot of pushy elderly folks at your gym too?

well it's mostly the hipsters that somehow have automatic zombification happen to them as soon as they walk into the place.
Not to laugh at your frustrations, but my wife was watching Twilight last night, and this totally reminded me of that
that's so funny to me! i was going more on the Xena Warrior Princess visual as i was riding.

I'm finding it tough right now to fit in weights too. Right now I really want to focus on my swimming. But like everything in life...balance is key.

for sure! i still want to do 2 3x week splits but i think i might cut it down to 1 time. 3 days with weights, 3 training outside, one rest day. not sure yet but i think there's a plan forming.



ride to gym

30 min spin video (lvl 10 endurance)

back/tris/abs (4 rounds)

superset assisted wide pullups/dips 2x 15/15

rotary calf: lotta sets leading up to 5x425 but i dont believe that # (its a hoist machine)

knee balances

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rode up The Hill, made decent time, i think, sped back in top speed gear.

commute to work

straight up emotional eating at night. kept a lid on it for the most part but there was tofuttie cream cheese involved. it's out of the house now. yay for me.


i can't wait to get my new bike.

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