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This is really fun

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yep, super fun, i can not wait. although what im riding now is pretty special in a lot of ways... i need some different equipment.

What kind of bike are you getting?
you'll see! i'll post a pic but i wanna make sure i get it first.




10 min spin

power c/p 10x30, 2x20x40, 3x20x45

hanging leg lifts 4x25

circuit:seated db press, 17.5, power c/p 30, bicycles

db reverse delt flyes 3x20x7.5

30 min spin video (lvl 10 intervals)

power c/p 5x50

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power clean/press, i squat pretty low for em. surprisingly not sore after that last go at them. progress is cool.



commuted around, ended up only at 8 miles i think



ate pretty much non stop



60 min spin video (lvl 10 intervals but i made up my own intervals)

chest/bis/abs (4 rounds)

knee balance, med ball balance practice, it still kind of hurts my foot


i almost left the gym without hitting the iron. i had no energy but i'm pretty proud of myself for getting it done.

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I don't know right now if i'm overtraining or stressed out or both. I am overwhelemed. So even tho I planned to hit it hard, I just couldn't. I thought I could. When I got home from the fh i just wanted to go bike shopping. I even drove there, which felt ridiculous but I just couldn't make myself move. Then I came home, hit the couch, and eventually drifted off for a long sleep. I have worked a lot of this situation out with weight training and cycling, maybe i just needed some quiet alone time... i haven't really had any in the last couple weeks, and although i have been seeing after a lot of other peoples' needs, in a lot of ways, no one has been able to do the same for me. So i guess it was really healthy for me to just stand down for a day.



celery, tomato, 1 tbs flax, 1 tbs miso smoothie

builder bar, 3 lollipops

2 scoops portein

2 scoops protein, 100 cal oatmeal

tomatoes, salad greens, celery, 2 veg burgers, 2 apples

2 go free bars

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no rob! fh doesnt stand for firehouse!


yeah i did need it. it's interesting, when you don't give it to your body, it just makes you do it anyways.


saturday, i was pretty hopeless. i had no motivation at all. (it scares me that the only motivation i had was to go shopping, but i guess it's alright because it was bike shopping.) i couldn't even imagine committing to any goals i've been tossing around in my head. it was scary.


sunday morning i got a new bike. then i went to a skills thingy and i felt great. i had so much fun i couldn't believe it. it made me feel better, and i think, i'm not sure, but i think i can focus on some kind of goals again.


homeboy said something to my at the gym yesterday that made a lot of sense to me, along the lines that the kind of work we do goes ell together with lifting weights. iron is just so consistent, so steady... its always the same and it doesn't ask anything of us. it just is. it was timely because i'm thinking about how much i need to or want to or should restructure my training to be away from weights more,



short ride. skills clinic



felt very strong in the gym, but could not get warm



The Hill with a heavy pack

5 minute standing sprint, hard, all out

back/tris/abs (4 rounds, hard and heavy)

knee balance (super easy)

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thanks, it's gonna be a long road, but at least we can see the road now.



practiced with new pedals, ran out of time for a good ride, settled for a quick 11 mile out and back. got there fast, though it was a tailwind, returned even faster.



decent for the most part except for a carb binge in the middle of the day.

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speedplays. when i first tried to unclip my shoe got stuck cuz they were adjusted weird. i like em though.



weeeeeird day at work, got out very late. wanted to hit legs at the gym since it was already wednesday.

someone suggested on sunday that weight training, i think he meant specifically training legs, could lead to decreased performance on the bike... and that what should be used instead is mashing on hard gears around 60 rpm. i see the point, really. ive noticed that for up to a week after i train legs, im slower and less powerful. but i have noticed an improvement in sped and power overall since i really started in on it. I suppose the point behind training legs for power on actual cranks is that it keeps the snappiness in the legs and it trains the exact specific muscles that need to be gotten to with more efficiency instead of just smoking entire and multiple muscle groups.



5 min standing sprint

power clean/press 10x30 5x20x40/45

superset face pulls/bicycle crunches 3x20/50

superset rear delt flyes/oblique crunches 3x7.5x20/50

knee balances

5 min seated sprint, big gear

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Friday ended up being a test and technique day. nothing too intense.


commuted around

ran around the block 3 times on skater shoes

played with box jumps, leg band squats, other random kinds of plyo jumps

worked for a while on power c/p form

did some situps, basically GHDs

played with some tricks on the new speedplays, i think i got it, stillgot to be delicate with that foot


ended up getting 2x5 min intervals of jumproping in

foot is feeling it today but its not as bad as it was 2 weeks ago when i did less


need to work with heavier weight and less reps on the c/p, e says heavier weight on that move makes better form. my grip gave out and my glutes sore from it today. but i think i get it better now. still got a ways to go.


it's difficult to tell how hard im working on this bike right now, it's pretty light, i think i should wear a weight vest or something.

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i know i rly feel you on that. so apparently my issue is with the clean part... i tend to add a little curl motion into it (or a lot) and there's less opportunity for me to do that with heavier weight. i can't curl it, i have to clean it. heavier weight is gonna charcoal broil my legs though so i got to be careful so i can keep up the riding.



ride to the gym the hilly way

bis/chest/abs (4 rounds)


diet was decent but my favorite pink lady apples were on sale and so i ate like 4 of them at night. they were bomb ass bomb diggity bomb. plus some chocolate which i justified by telling myself it was valentines eve and i was gonna work it off in the a.m which i did. actually now that i think about it, that chocolate was symbolic of something having to do with the trauma we all just went through and i think on some level i felt i needed to eat it because it was part of some food someone brought over in support. in hindsight i can see why i ate it, but in the future iif a similar situation crops up, i shouldn't feel like i need to. then again maybe i just needed an excuse to eat chocolate.

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