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This is really fun

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Well thank you. I took your advice and ate some more chocolate last night. Great minds think alike!


I can't really believe how yummy pink lady apples are. They taste kind of pineappley to me... i wonder if they have special digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatory properties like pineapple too?




I caught myself smiling and laughing for the first time in a couple weeks after I rode about 10 miles, i haven't felt right in so long, it felt pretty good.


~25 mile ride... really opened up a couple times



back/tris/abs (3 heavy fast rounds) ran out of time


foot hurts.




RIDE <<< larabar

2 scoop protein, orange, cofee, coco smoothie


builder bar, 5 chocolate almonds

tomatoes and alot of salt

chopped brocoli, tomato, 300 cal fake turkey, lunabar

apple, chocolate

builder bar


there may have been another lunabar in there somewhere.

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thanks, mary




man saddle ->saddle sore ->riding funny the next day -> fucked up hips


but i still went up The Hill one time, I wasn't gonna go at all so I guess that's good. Threw my chain halfway up and it got stuck and i had to remove the wheel blah blah cooled down a bit. I kept shifting, but I never got as low as 60rpm. Maybe next time.


foot felt the cardio in the gym. it's still not happy with this clipless get up either. it's 12 weeks out wtf.




ride ~11 mile



15 min 4.0

5 min 6.0

1 min 6.2

1 min 6.4

1 min 6.6

1 min 6.8

1 min 7.0


4 60 sec jumprope int 15 sec rest


shoulders abs/obliques (4 rounds) and more obliques

(40/45 seated press, pretty light face pulls cuz of back)



coffee/soy, lunabar


2 scoops protein, apple, 3/4 cup of walnuts

2 scoops protein

coffee/soy granola bar



tomato, pepper, ~500 cal seitan, apple

400 cal granola bar


weird day of eating, i hate walnuts, they've been sitting in my fridge a couple months now, and i'm not a huge fan of regular granola bars either... i guess i'm lucky, some people eat dirt to get what their body craves. walnuts are almost dirt...

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I only like walnuts in things like brownies. But then I'm not sure if it's the walnuts I like, or if brownie goodness just overpowers walnut badness.

Walnuts and bananas are the best. Maybe every other day for break at work I'll put a few walnut pieces in my mouth and take a bite of a banana, and munch 'em. Great tasting combo.

Sorry for the hijack VV.

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I caught myself smiling and laughing
Your smile made me smile.





~12 miles, the hill




5 min run 6.1

power c/p warmup @30, 10x40, many sets 5x50, 5x60

20 min circuit:wall balls, power c/p, abdution, aduction, calf press

superset hanging leg lifts (3x20) hyperextensions (3x20x25#)

knee balances

med ball balance db press 20x5#

12 min stationary bike (easy)


i think i topped out on the calf press at 20x522# for 2 or 3 sets then i stripped it.


i went in with the objective of training hard intervals on the stationary, but they were all taken, and by the time i got finished training legs i could hardly get myself up and down the stairs, so i ended up just trying to flush my legs out and cool em down. fun workout.


foot less sore

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it's especially comical with me, cuz sometimes i have to kind of limp my foot down sideways. the real hilarity sets in when i ride my bike home!




rode around town, to gym

20 mins elliptical (180-190 bpm, r3)

back/tris/abs (4 rounds)

knee balance curls 5#

standing m ed ball curls 5#




100 cal oatmeal

100 cal oatmeal, 1 scoop of protein, a couple bites of chocolate

coffee/soy, a couple bites of chocolate


600 cal tofu, broccoli, carrot, 2 apples

2 lunabars

apple, couple bites of chocolate

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council crest ride, that's it, i was gonna ride more except i got so insanely freezing cold coming down i had to go home.



larabar, coffee/soy


2 scoop protein, banana smoothie, 1/4 cup walnuts

100 cal oatmeal

1 scoop protein, carrot smoothie

8 chocolate covered almonds


600 cal tofu, broccoli, lunabar




was thinking about hitting the gym in lthe late afternoon, but i didn't.

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1 hr spin video (lvl 10 intervals)

5 mins jumprope intervals 45jump 15rec

chest/bis/obliques (4 rounds)

knee balance curls

med ball balance curls


ate a lot of chocolate and apples


woke up in the middle of the night with my knee killing me, took some tylenol and ibu at work, it still hurts, idk what i did to it but its black and blue and theres a cut on it. i hope it feels better soon.

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Thanks. The knee is weird. I think it might be the old injury kicking up. Last night I had to back off the weight on the abduction machine because of the way my knee hit the pad, and I skipped weighted hypers, it hurts to straighten my leg. it seemed fine in the morning, i think squatting might have irritated it. on the way home it hurt to clip in... gonna try and ice it today and eat some ibuprofen. it looks swollen.



11 mile ride, a little hill work




40 min spin video (lvl 10 race, super heavy r)

cleans: 5x20,20,30,30,40,40,45

power c/p 8x45,45,50,50,50,60,60,60

supersetted a couple more sets @60 with wall balls x20,20,20

aductors, calf press, abductors

hanging leg lifts 5x20

knee balance & standing med balance db presses

oblique crunches 50/50


i feel like i rocked it, but i could have rocked it harder. maybe i was less tired and stressed out... usually i hit shoulders harder in addition to this kind of workout, that might have something to do with it.

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i bet you say that to all the girls.



regular thursday commute




60 min spin video (lvl 10 >95 rpm kinda easy resistance)

back/tris/abs (4 rounds)

shoulders/abs (2 rounds)

balance work, didnt rly use weight, wanted to save my legs


in the locker room i noticed my knuckle was bleeding. i guess i rly worked hard


knee is still swollen, foot is kinda sore, gonna take some ibu. overall feelin pretty good but i wish my training was more focused this week.

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no idea how i did itQ



rest day, just a mile or 2 to the bike shop and back



1 tsp miso, ginger


coffee, 2 scoops protein

broccoli, a potato, 700 cal of tofu

luna bar

apple, 100 cal oatmeal




fun ride, saltzman

post ride meal was way way to heavy


coffee/soy, 100 cal oatmeal


RIDE (~54 miles)

pasta, broccolini, w/ soy curls & cashew cream, apple

cauliflower, fake turkey

builder bar, apple


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knee is still swollen, foot is kinda sore, gonna take some ibu.

Masking the pain and not letting your self properly heal may slow your progress and result in changing what could have been temporary into something chronic. Please take care of your self. You're doing fantastic!

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it's still swollen, i've been hammering ginger and taking occasional ibu, which has helped. i think i'm aggravating it by balancing on it on a sit up ball. gonna give that a rest for a while. it doesn't seem to affect pedaling, but it wasn;t super comfy on the elliptical last night. i should give that a rest too.


do you ever take ibuprofen, mary?


thank you for the reminder johnv. you are right, i do need to be careful.



tired, went lighter with the weights at first, stepped it up towards the end


30 mins cybex elliptical

30 mins precor elliptical

chest/bis/abs (5 rounds)

knee balance (gave up after a few)

standing med ball balance with 5/5# curls


heavy heavy carbage in the a.m.

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I pretty much have to be in unbearable pain to take anything. I just don't like the side effects. meaning I usually feel better when I dont take something than when I do. recover faster etc. But on occasion is something is really bad i will. I am a huge fan of ice. I think with works wonder on pain and inflammation. So I ice anything that hurts. yeah it is inconvient but it does work. Hope the knee is getting better!

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