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This is really fun

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When you TT without aero bars do you stay in the drops or the hoods and duck, or do you rest your (underneath) forearms on the tops of the bars?


I did that on a crit breakaway one day and it seemed to work super well. I was away solo for 11 laps...then another 6 after I got caught and re-attacked...


Try that. It's fun, but you'll need to toughen up your forearms if you haven't already.


(note, this will rely on a high strong cadence, you won't be able to push.push.push.push the pedals because you have nothing to drive down with from your upper body. BUT, if you spin.spin.spin.spin your pedals this is a non-issue.)


YAY more bike people!


(This is unsolicited advice/tip. Feel free to use it or not, and also feel free to tell me to shove off if that's your prerogative. I won't take it personally.)

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jason, i love the advice. thanks!


i've been riding pretty consistently in the drops, so maintaining it wasn't a problem. i do use forearms on the bars sometimes, but not for this race. this bike is way way way too twitchy to hold it for too long. smashed vegan on the course isn't the effect i was going for!



foot started hurting at the end of the day... i was wondering if i rebroke it... it still kind if hurts. gonna stay off it till tonight or something.



32 mile ride, flats

chest/bis/abs (4 rounds)

knee ball balance with curls 3x20x5

standing ball balance w/curls 3x20x5

ride home


2 scoop protein, 1 tbs flax

300 cal oatmeal

workout <<< gel, larabar, apple, 3 cliff blocks

a brazil nut

500 cal tofu, broccoli carrots green beans, 2 lunabars


10 almonds

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it is... but not pain free. i think what happened was i got all excited about something and pivoted on it... probably didn;t need that type of pressure.


All that cycling sounds so intense. I don't know how y'all do it! Hats off to ya
oh thanks! please put your hat back on though, it's not that big a deal. i have a long way to go!



ran out of time

16.19 mile, fast and flat (like your mama)


1/2 tomato and a tsp of miso

2 scoops protein, 5 almonds


300 cal oatmeal


2 scoops protein and a banana

500 cal tofu, kale, tomato, celery, apple



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she's an ice ice baby.



day of mechanicals.

flatted, fixed it after an epic journey including a bus driver who didn;t know where he was going. then at the top of a Hill my cleat came off my shoe. tis was the day i was riding withoutany tools.


miles ? 2 Hills



1/2 tomato, tsp miso

100 cal oatmeal, 2 scoops protein, spoonful of rice syrup

RIDE << gel

2 scoops protein, banana, few handfuls of almonds

tofu jerky

500 cal tofu, salad greens, builder bar


apple, candied ginger

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it was... riding down a fast busy street with one pedal was kind of traumatic. :P




so windy, i only did 10.29 miles. when i got off the bike i had to hold on to the bike rack, i was seasick. did some serious work.


10 mile ride

chest/bis/abs (3 rounds)

4x bb overhead press 12x60 oblique crunches 25/25

chest/bis/abs (1 more round)

hanging leg lift 4x25

standing med ball balance with curl 3x5x20




100 cal oatmeal, 2 coops protein, 1 spoon rice syrup


2 scoop protein banana smoothie, tofu jerky, almonds


salad greens, 400 cal tofu, builder, luna

builder, luna


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switched up the food for a change but it meant i forgot to eat.


had fun playing cat and mouse on marine drive with some guy who thought he was hot shit.


got to the gym freezing cold... i had to keep running down to the sauna to warm up (embrocation would not reactivate) and i had no energy. then e suggested food. a larabar and some laughs with e and r took care of my mood and my energy. wow, they are so goofy, i just love it. awesome they were there!


sitting in the hot tub finally got me warm, the cold air on my arms on the ride home felt so good.



20 mile ride

some crappy cardio machine

heavy triceps (was afraid to do 50# skullcrusher without a spotter though)

shoulders/abs/obliques (3? rounds)

i think that's it, i didn't want to hit any large muscle groups to hard because it was relatively late and close to sunday but i did do 3x12x50 (or was it 60?)bb overhead press



some high iron trail mix

spoon of rice syrup


salad greens, 2 veg burgers, tofu jerky, builder bar

lunabar, apple

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not really. i wish i was stronger.



rest day.

food, as close as i can remember:

tomato, tsp miso

2 scoops protein, a tbs flax

2 scoops protein, a few walnuts


a brazil nut, some pumpkin seeds

500 cal tofu, broccoli, a lot of ice cream, builder bar, a handful of popcorn

then some more ice cream


that was an awesome way to carboload



race report:


woke up, checked the weather, it was gonna be rainy and windy at the race, i decided against it so i downed some coffee, rode to the shop, and 2 of the guys encouraged me to race anyways, they gave me a lot of coaching, it was awesome, i was so stoked! so i rolled back home, packed, hopped in the car, ate 100 cals of oatmeal, and got lost as usual. so i ate a larabar of course. got to the place, (it was freezing and raining!) rode the trainer for a few, embrocated, stuffed 6 cliff blocks and some caffeine, booked to the start line, i was the last one there, so i ended up at the tail end of the peloton.


there were some sketchy riders on the course, stayed pretty clear of them while trying to make my way to the head of the pack, but it broke early. me and a few others formed a chase pack. we dropped a lot on the way, there ended up being four of us and we worked together almost the whole race. the wind was a little heavy, and my quads were screaming at me at times, but the bike fit was ok, i tried to stay aero when i took pulls and that seemed to work alright. it was lucky we weren't in the breakaway, because there was a bad crash. bad. no idea how i placed yet, but when it was time to sprint, i took 1st in the chase pack.


SO FUN. thanks, guys!


blasted the heat on the way home so the embro kept working. that was nice


what i did right:

rested the day before, ate carbs the night before, trained for it during the week, ate perfectly in the morning, embrocated just legs, amber lenses were great (even though the frames didnt keep everything out of my eyes) warmed up on the trainer instead of the road, wore my black jacket w/ arm warmers w/ summer short sleeve jersey, steered clear of what t called freaky drivers, didnt need to eat on the course. had a blast!


what i could do better next time:

not get lost, get there earlier, be in a position to be in the break if i want it. keep training for hilly courses. i'm pretty happy with everything else!


food for sunday:


100 cals oatmeal w/ginger

ginger larabar

a whole thing of cliff blocks



2 scoops protein, banana, some cashews

4 animal crackers, 3 newman-o's

burrito de nopales, lunabar, a couple spoons of ice cream

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it was fun!



took a spin class, turned the resistance way way up. i think the computer was broken, it said i was working between 300-500 watts, casual spin at 100. the mileage seemed right though for a spin bike. demolished my quads. worked very hard at 60 rpm for 5 intervals.



50 min spin class

back/tris/abs (6 rounds)


wasn't too hungry for most of the day but at night after dinner i ate some leftover burrito. it was rly good.

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thanks rob! i just love riding my bike fast so it's all perfect!

What is in your rounds for back tri's abs?


Also, 300-500 watts is a big range! If you're putting out 500 watta for more than a few seconds you should be a pro!! Good work!

yeah that computer was definitely broken. i think the lance only even averages like 400 if i remember correctly. but it's a great ego boost. i think i should sit at that bike at least once a week!


so these days, a round of back/tris abs looks like this for me:

i use however much weight i think i can handle to failure at 25 reps. i usually underestimate cuz i'm lazy.

1. some plate loaded pull down or row machine 35 or 45# perhand or lat pull downs or some kind of row

2. db or bb skullcrushers, or some kind of tri press down

3. then 50 crunches (usually little ones with a 37.5 or 40# db held up)

4. same back move as #1

5. same tri move as #2

as fast as i can, but i don't usually time myself.


it's supposed to help with endurance.



sick all day at work, didn;t rly eat much: some hemp and parsley, a lunabar, some dry cereal. drank some coffee, went to the gym, massacred my quads in spin class, bonked, ate 3 cliff blocks, felt pretty much better, felt all the way better an hour later when it was time to ride home. was able to eat as usual when i got home.



50 min spin class

chest/bis/obliques (4 rounds)

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i know, i know i should do it, i just haven't found a good timer i like for cheap. i think i need a watch. i haven't owned a watch in years!




went into it with quads a tiny bit sore



55 min spin video (lvl 10 intervals) i made it hard

warm up: some cleans with 40# and 45#

power c/p 5x50, 5x10x60

3 mini circuits: power c/p 8x60, wall ball 20x8, calf press 20x475

hanging leg lift 3x25



shoulder, chest, quads, hamstring doms

long work day, ~12 mile commute around

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didn't get much sleep the night before, amazingly tired all day. i didn't think i could lift any weights after training on the bike. somehow i did. maybe because i ate a trailmix bar before i hit the bike, idk. the rain all week is getting old. looking forward to some sunshine! soon i hope!



55 min spin (3 hard 6 min intervals plus work on aero and pedal stroke)

back/tri/abs (4 rounds)

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omg jason! to me, rain is ok. cold is ok. wind is sort of ok. all of them together, not so ok.


saturday: full on rest day.


food as close as i can remember

tomato, celery, 1 tsp miso smoothie

2 scoop protein, 1 tbs flax, 1 tbs cocoa smoothie

2 cups popcorn


2 mambas

primal strip

chard, porobello, tomato, 450 cal seitan thing, builder

thing of rice dream

maybe an apple?




32 mile ride: pretty good climbing

tried to swim, could only manage the sauna & hot tub, the h20 was 70 & i just couldnt get in after the cold descents & wind





2 scoop protein, banana, flax smoothie

a ginger candy

1 scoop vega, banana smoothie

sweated with alot of smart water

primal strip

10 choc covered almonds

a bunch of tofu jerky

broccoli, celery, 500 cal tofu, builder, apple


apple, 4 almonds

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I thought I was your methamphetamine!


Yeah, Saturday was very difficult. It took all I had not to get on a bike. So I distracted myself by going to the mall.




actually got out of work at a decent hour which made training more energetic i think. last food was a couple bites of scone at 3:30. then coffee. then no food till like 10. didn't get much sleep the night beofre either. weird! but good!



50 min spin class (hills)

20 min elliptical

chest/bis/abs (6 rounds)

stood on a ball for a couple songs

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