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This is really fun

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Hey Rob it's always great seeing you. Hurry back, Portland isn't the same without you. Now that you have that spiffy new yuppie car it will be easier to shoot up and down the coast!



been so busy i don't know if I can remember all the details, but it was a rest day and i ate a typical pre-race day diet except in threw some pumpkin seeds in there in place of something else and i was feeling kind of bloated and blech.



race. race report coming soon.


100 cals oatmeal


6 cliff blocks >>> race

then i forgot to eat for a long time

2 scoop protein, pear, ginger, 1 tbs flax smoothie and some pumpkin seeds

maybe some popcorn?

5 choc covered almonds

cactus burrito with 500 cals tofu, thing of almond dream ice cream

builder bar, apple




even though i had a stomach thing going on in the morning it was awesome being back in the gym, i did not feel weak in upper body at all. just tired and low pain tolerance. assisted pull ups went better than ever, probably because of form. i was gonna just make it a recovery spin but i ended up working it pretty hardcore.


55 min spin class

back/tris/abs (5 rounds)

standing med ball balance w ohp 2x20x5




sunday: forgot to say i came home from the race and swam for 30 minutes freestyle, first time since breaking my foot! it hurt a little, and it kept cramping up. but i did it, decent time too. (for me)


i will prob come back in here and edit more details as they come to me, i esp want to get more down for saturday.

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sorry, i've been so busy! i wanted to get some of this down before i forget though:




50 min spin bike (cadence drills, never under 95 rpm)

chest/bis/obliques (5 rounds)

then my pecs just did not want to work anymore. so i sat at some machines with no weight selected and it was hard and it hurt and i was crampy and i just couldn't handle inflicting any more pain on myself so i stood on a med ball and did 4 sets of 20 curls with 5# weight. i wanted to do some restorative yoga moves but i ran out of time.



commute (old knee injury hurt on the way to the gym)

60 min spin class (set out to do easy, quickly went to interval watts 250-325 i think it was an accurate read)

some warm up cleans 50#bb

power c/p 8x50 (knee couldn't take any more)

seated bb ohp 3x20x50

then did a form check with some bent over reverse flyes, 7.5 db, looked good

then i figured out a way to be in good alignment on p c/p using the chair as a visual and squat guide: knee was ok



hanging leg lifts 4x25


knee pain came back for the ride home, by the middle of the night it was so bad i couldn't sleep, took some ibu. it's fine now.


last week switched from commuting with a fully loaded messenger bag to a fully loaded back pack... so far it hasn't been too much of a prob on the old broken ribs and nerve stuff... i think it's helping even out my shoulders and i looked way less lopsided lifting the bb. so that's good.

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so... still taking ibu occasionally to keep the swelling down on the knee... it seems to be recovering from whatever i did to it.



regular thursday commute



commute plus a little hilly extra

30 mins cybex elliptical

10 mins tread run 6.0 (2 min backwards 2.?)

10 min precor eliptical

5 mins tabata jumprope

box jumps 10x 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

back/tris/abs (4 rounds)

then went back to box jumps, 10 platforms was a challenge but i could still do it (5x w/e)

standing med ball balance w/ 50 5# db ohp

knee balance to:


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i'm really bad. most of the time i cant be bothered with my computer. so usually what i do is go all out for either a set amount of time, for landmarks - a lot for which i know the distance between, or i use mile markers.



33 mile ride, two hill classic

brought the new electrolyte drink to test out but i couldnt make myself swallow it



coffee, soy

ride>>> gel

2 scoop protein, 1 tbs flax, banana smoothie

tofu jerky, broccoli

2 scoops protein

1 candied ginger, 2 hazelnuts

4 choc covered almonds, 3 corn chips

300 cal tofu, broccoli, eggplant, builder bar


thing of rice dream

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completely drained my legs in spin class. was able to pull out some speedwork in aero pos at the end. also the good thing about going home in the freezing cold rain with that backpack on is it makes it super easy to ride aero in the drops. i felt nice and strong on weights... and i think the knee thing i have going on is from doing knee balances again. i tried a lot of variations standing on the med ball, going without a focal point etc. it went well.



50 min spin class

chest/bis/abs (5 rounds)

med ball balance w/ bi curls 60x5 2x20x8 20x5

knee balance w/ bi curls 2x20x5

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decided to not use weight on legs this week. it gave me more motivation to go super heavy on the resistance during spin. and fast. went back to the lat pull down/tri press down combo that i've been avoiding for so long because it hurted my hands so bad, same weight, it was hard but i did get it done. yb.


50 min spin class plus extra standing and aero work 1:15 i think

back/tris/obliques (5 rounds)

standing med ball balance w ohp 40x5 20x5

5 or ten squats on the med ball.

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was gonna work late after leaving work but i felt like i needed to harass my quads. completely assaulted them. sore quads and back right now.


fail 1st set @ 20rep seated ohp 45# 2nd and third sets stronger


double commute

60 min spin class (maybe 55)

shoulders chest abs obliques (4 or 5 rounds)

standing med ball w/ ohp 3 rounds 10x5#/squat and then some more squats on the ball

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ok i will.



regular thursday commute




28.81 mile ride, thompson

i need to do something about my descent situation.

next to the last interval on vw was off the grid. i need to be able to tap into that more often.


200 cal oatmeal, 2 scoops protein



2 scoop protein, banana, ginger smoothie


salad greens, fried tofu, bite of rice noodles, bite of a voodoo with purple koolaid on top

2 lunabars


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yes! come to portland, you will love it so much! any time, mi bicicleta es tu bicicleta. whiffies is about 3000 calories per pie. you have to do like 3 ironmans in one day to account for that. the other thing about whiffies is that there's vegan poutine next door so you can get your canadian on any time you want! voodoo is good. voodoo is very very good. you're gonna love it.


i'm sitting here on the futon watching my leg muscles twitch.



rest day, just pedaled real slow getting some errands done.


parsley miso cayenne ginger smoothie

2 scoop protein, 1 tbs flax, 1 tbs cocoa smoothie

coffee, 2 scoop protein

2 brazil nuts, 1 choc almond

300 cal tofu, broccoli, builder bar

apple, lunabar


thing of almond dream




100 cal oatmeal

ginger larabar

6 cliff blocks



tofu jerky, a mamba, 2 tbs pumpkin seeds

some daiya cheese

600cal tofu, broccoli, yellow squash, carrot, lunabar



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race report


time trials


last time i didn't feel real well. but i suppose i still put in a respectable time because someone said i was a sandbagger. i don't agree and i was not happy with my time at all. as soon as i hit the course my whole body yelled at me in pain. i even slowed down a few times on the course because i couldn't handle the hurt i was handing myself. i warmed up on the trainer in the sun and got hot and sweaty but the course itself was chilly. it felt windy, and there were a lot of false flats which i don't do well on.


so this time i decided to just have fun. i'm still not feeling 100% and on the way there i noticed my quads were still sore. so... it would just be a fun training day. ate my usual oatmeal and larabar in the morning. i think the cliff blocks were overkill, i need to switch up that routine. the hot sportsbalm felt really good, i didn't use leg warmers, my pi arm warmers were perfect.


when i took off i did not make my body scream at me right away. i think i probably lost some time because someone, i'm not sure who, passed me very early on. that got me to hit the gas, and from then on i felt pretty dialed in. i chose my lines so well, stayed aero most of the time, stood on the pedals once. this was in huge contrast to how i rode last time. still, i think i rode slower than last time, and it definitely did not hurt as bad. it must have been my start and the wind. it was colder today too, and i didn't hit the start as hot as last time.


there was something making my eye blurry for about 3/4 of the ride.


my shoe cover unzipped and i had to slow 2x to fix it. i thout the flapping of it would make me less aero and it would eventually fall all the way down which would throw me off.


almost threw up at the end. even though i ate an apple and drank some water, i couldn't shake the nausea till i got back to town and drank some fizzy water and ate some jerky.


what i did right:

hydrated well the day before, kept the ride smooth, chose great lines, didn't get scared of cars and made them wait for me, visualized cancellara.


what i can do better next time:

aerobars. don't go out the night before? (it was only for a few minutes.) if the weather is like this again, less electrolyte, more carb. tap into the glutes power more. step up the cadence and get back to putting a crazy hurt on. don't forget the sports bra, lingerie is not good for time trials. push harder. don't fear the reaper.


*look into taking more recovery time between hard training sessions or get back to cross training. this is gonna mean training up on running again. this is dependent on the foot.*

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Wow...maybe I don't want Whiffies! Haha. Voodoo definitely though. I heard they do weddings and I told my husband when we were planning our wedding that we should elope and get married there. He didn't seem into it. I'm not sure if I was serious or not, but what a cool wedding story that would be.


You are so hardcore. I know I say that often, but I really mean it. You and Mary are like my vegan super heroes. Sometimes when I'm in the middle of a tough workout I think about you guys and how tough you are and it motivates me to keep going. That sounds kind of corny but it's true.


And thanks, now I have Blue Oyster Cult suck in my head.

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nice race report! Sorry I haven't had time to be on here as much lately. I was thinking of you today while ascending a never ending hill on my bike. I was cursing and screaming to keep myself pedaling hard through the quad burn and I thought what a site this much be. viva would love it.

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i would! i love hills but they hate me!


lobster: i always think of you and mary when i'm in the middle of a hard workout. i wonder what would happen if we ever all got together... probably i would do really well being so close to you 2 badbutts.



nauseous a good portion of the day... pretty low energy, ate a few carbs in the morning, it didn't seem to help. ate half a trail bar before the gym with some coffee. spin class was a wash... tempo ride which i did pretty fast but with lighter resistance than usual... idk if the crappy techno music was just not motivating or if it was me being out of it.... finished up with 10 mins in aero after they left the room. i was trashed.


then started with pull ups/dips combo... didnt even bother trying to fire off more than 10 reps at a time but got 50/50 done pretty fast. needed to take 10 lbs off tri press downs. 2 rounds and i was done. ate a lollipop and quick chat w/ ed i was feeling much better. still had a hard time balancing in the ball... big contrast to last week.



60 min spin

back/tris/obliques (5 rounds)

standing med ball balance w/ different balls w/ db ohp 2x20x5

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