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This is really fun

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thanks lobster!



2 things.


1. omg please leave me the hell alone while i have heavy weights in my hands. i do not want to talk to you and i will not give you my number. also do not fucking stare at me while i am doing sit ups. i swear to god i do not have much tolerance left for this shit.


2. my first run since i broke my foot! not a great time, but not too bad for being away from it for so long.

5k 28:01

my legs are killing me today.


i ate enough in the morning to feed the north american continent 3 times over. i guess i neded it because on my way to the gym i felt like a tiger again. it was nice! it came at the right time too iguess cuz before i went to the gym this old racer guy was telling me that as he's getting older he has to give himself more recovery time and be sure to get enough carbs in him right after he trains hard. I should start being more on top of this but i want it all now. i know i get stronger when i recover but i don't want to slow down.


commute +

warm up then

5k tread run

25 min spin (mostly tempo, some hill)

chest/bis/abs (5 rounds)

standing med ball balance w db bi curl 20x5 50x5

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Hey Rob! Yep, everything is pretty great up here! I saw a blonde guy in bright green the other day! I think you started a trend!



Legs so sore I was walking funny. Fast spin class helped ALOT. Shoulder day felt better than last week. It's not quite that I felt stronger, just more endurance. Skipped the face pulls, I think that's ok.



50 min spin >100rpm med res some big hill

3 superset bb ohp 20x50 oblique crunches 25/25

3 10x db10# front raise, lateral raise, rear rateral raise, upright row, ohp, oblique crunches 25/25

3 superset db ohp 20x17.5 50 bicycle crunches plus more i forget how many

assisted pullups 20/20/10 assisted dips 20/20/10 50 bicycle crunches

standing med ball balance w/ db ohp 10x 5#, 5#, 8#, 10#


Oh also, my stomach hurt so bad at the gym, dont know what's up with it but i felt like this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuapyExYJBI

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Pardon the interruption but I got a news flash. Some one in the building said vlv's back. After a lot of time spent with orthopedists, trauma specialists, chiropracters, physical therapists, massage therapists, and an accupuncturist, recovery is still ongoing. I probably won't be racing this summer. But I'm not closing the books on that just yet.


recent activity

friday: 50 mile ride

saturday: 4 mile run

sunday: 40 mile ride


could barely lift my arm but i pulled off some bb skullcrushers, amazing 3x20x20

significant arm pain

45 min swim: 15 breast, 16 lengths fs, fs/breast mix. 16 is prob too much

tuesday: 45 mile ride

wednesday: 4 mile run

thurday so far: 21 mile recovery ride

1 hr spin


thursday food so far:


frozen banana, 2 scoop protein

6 cups low fat popcorn

frozen banana, 2 scoop protein

150 cal oatmeal

vibrance bar

2 sunrise bars

lettuce and some fake meat

some cherries

a lot of icecream

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You guys are the greatest. Really really really. Knowing that you're all out there, getting your vegan athlete on, really inspired me to work so hard at getting better.


John, it only seems like I'm doing a lot because I'm just going so slow.


Friday so far:

pt at the gym (plus skullcrushers, super weak lat pds, and cable pressdowns)

30 min swim 15 bs, 15 fs



food so far:

banana. 2 scoop protein

a little popcorn

a little ice cream (carob pepperment)

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Yeah that stuff is awesome, only 115 calories a serving, and So Delicious! Do you guys have Grocery outlet there? It's like $1.50 a container there.



4 mile run. paced the whole way.


30? mile ride

thoroughly massive pain, it was a really awful day. I did the same ride 2 weeks ago and was ready for more and did more. sunday i was just hurting way, way too bad. ugh. it pisses me off so much.


So, how to end on a happy note... um... positivity... oh, a nice big hit of gel helped me get home.

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What gel do you use? I haven't tried any. But I'm starting to work in longer runs...this weekend I have a 15 miler planned. So I figure I had better start working in some nutrition.


I am sorry about the pain. Remember your body has been through something traumatic and it needs time to heal. You'll be back. Stronger than ever.

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Thanks, most days I have so much pain, when I have bad days, they're really really bad. It gets old. A lot of times I just want to give up, I guess it's a lucky thing I have such a bratty streak. I don't know how long that will hold me.


I like hammer gel better than cliff or anything I've made at home. I think hammer is slower burning than cliff too.

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