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This is really fun

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i don't usually have problems with my shades fogging up, i can;t wait to see how these new natives with vents work out. i think it has everything to do with the coating though. my coaching isn't 1:1 but he's pretty much the best coach in the world so it doesn't matter.



a cool opp for adrenaline and endorphins

then a hike



39 miles

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I was just browsing your very long log. Congrat on keeping it going. Are you training for something? Race? etc. Or, is it just a way to keep up the motivation. You seemed to have really picked up the miles since the beginning of this.

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This morning in the hot tub I thought of you and Mary...I had my huge goggle lines and this reallly creepy dude kept staring at me. He was old and had a pony tail...and was kind of scary. He couldn't resist the sexy goggle lines I guess.


It's probably because I'm the only one under 50 that ever goes in the hot tub. It's where the seniors hang out. All the cool kids go to the sauna instead.

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wow! I was totally thinking of you guys this morning at the pool when I got out I had the goggle marks too and I was going to take a picture and post it cuz it was just so funny and then I realized I didn't have my phone to take the picture. Don't worry Im sure I will get them again!

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my legs were getting pretty pooped. the night before someone who had no business doing so kicked my tired butt on a ride out to dinner. granted he was on my fast old steel racer but nevertheless it should not have happened. so i stayed off the bike monday except for commute to let my legs recover. went to the gym, i have lost so much muscle and strength in my upper body. it's discouraging but i am trying to stay positive. that's all i'm gonna write about it, not writing about it will keep me more upbeat. a little DOMS in the tris today so that's good. the swim felt peaceful, no one in the pool, i could space out and concentrate.


pt gym

30 min swim (15 bs 15 fs)

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i finally hit decent form for a few different moments, and it was gorgeous. i got that old feeling back of not quite like, muscling the pedals or manhandling the bike, just moving with it. it was hard to maintain though, so much i need to work around and remember. amazing the difference a little tilt here combined with a little drop there can make. i am working with some pretty great people: d gave me some things to do in the weight room to help improve my form yesterday, he's brilliant. i'm finally able to see a time in my future when i can get a bike fit, it may not be soon, but at least it's up there in the distance.



37 miles


ate a real lot of food, let's see


100 cals oatmeal

2 scoop protein, banana, a bunch of granola


a handful of chocolate covered ginger

400 cal tofu, lettuce, 1 tbs flax oil

550 cal ice cream

8 oz of mixed nuts

(wtf 8 oz? i must have been hungry, i should have gone for more protein)

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okay, i guess i will reiterate my question, what sorts of weights do you do to help with cycling in general? what do you do for legs?


now that my tris are over for the year i want to work weights 3x/week back into my routine. and ideally i would like the weights to compliment swim/bike/run.

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