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This is really fun

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the specific kinds of training depend on what discipline or skills you're training for (sprinting, hills, endurance, even aero pos) but generally, leg press and ham curls, calf press, squats. i personally don't find that abduction/dduction training that useful. lunges are good. deadlifts are good for aero, according to doyle and schmidt. i think that's kind of true, but the motion isn't right. training core/stabilization really gives an advantage, i think it's been pretty key for me. as far as upper body, lats, tris, bis, and delts. traps if you have a heavy helmet or you need to keep your head in aero pos . maybe not so much pecs. hmm maybe i should sort this all out and arrange it more logically.



25 miles, had to cut it short cuz i got stuck behind a freight train.

didnt eat much

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yeah except i ate a larabar and three lunabars yesterday. i think you could call me a barfly.


there are 2 main philosophies as far as i've seen for coaching bike racing. one is mainly to stay away from weights, they make for heavy slow legs and the best way to train for a bike is on the bike, pushing as much power as you can for example as slow as 60 rpm. the other is to augment by training legs with weights for the specific thing you want to train... personally i think the most effective depends on the individual and the thing that's being trained on that individual. that said, i do definitely believe that core strength and stabilization training is really important for everyone, and that at least some upper body training is important for injury prevention from bad form or crashing.



4 mile run (<9)

1 hour coached



some popcorn

2 scoop protein, peach, apricot

400 cals of some veggie burger stuff, tahini


broccoli, 400 cals tofu

3 lunabars


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ha yeah, it's a whole grain, right?



27 mile ride, form came together for a few more moments


officially a rest day but took a m.t. spin


4 mile run


26 mile ride

interesting... i could sometimes control my speed by locking in my form or not.


reminder to self:

tequila is still not a food group.

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yup, and the salt in your hand is for electrolytes. really quite a healthy source of carbs.



38 mile ride. felt strong, was able to push some intervals towards the end. nice pace.


ate like a guiness world book of records amount of calories, including 3 voodoo donuts before the ride. i definitely wouldn't say it gave me more energy or power. it did make me really thirsty. it wasn't too bad but i like my approach of eating healthier and less food (or no food) before hard work much better.

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someone sweet brought me a dozen for my birthday... i couldn't NOT eat one but it was healthy, it had vitamin fortified vegan coco puffs on top and it was DAMN good. my friend ate an Old Dirty Bastard.


back in town...

ran for cardio while i was away, tried to train legs a bit, it was weird being off the bike for a week. but i love that feeling i get after i'm away from the bike for a bit and i first swing my leg over the saddle and take off and i can feel my whole body screaming with joy, my quads just clicking and digging in hard right away.


tuesday: trainer ride, couldn't quite light it up till the end

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yes. there is really not too much i love more than riding a bike.



~25 mile ride, the hill


~36 mile ride, prob more like 40


4 mile run, not paced


i'm eating more real food these days, been off the luna bars for a few days and it feels good but i will probably be back to them to some extent this week until i can figure out a better system which might include bringing a blender to work.

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