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This is really fun

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Back in the gym 2x this week, bad roads precluded me from riding outside and I just could not bear to set up the trainer. I need some good movies or sufferfest videos or something i suppose! My upper body strength is diminishing, which is to be expected. It's ok, because I'm going to re-set and focus on very specific areas now. Injuries are still troublesome but there are definite work arounds. Also, full-on warm up is more critical now than ever. I had some pretty good fun this year, looking forward to an even stronger season in 2012! It's gonna be a good year.

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January 1st:


Had plans for a new years hike today, ended up waiting 'til 2 to go for a run. It should have ben a rest day, but H kept pushing me, so I did hill sprints and speedwork for about 3 miles. Then I ate mostly black eyed peas and spinach, and a little bit of rice dream and 2 applesauce/flax muffins. Totally stuffed. I'm looking forward to getting back on the bike so much that I'm even thinking about riding up to that lake I dislike so much! Now that the holidays are over, I can get back to focusing on my goals. It's funny how the structure of way overbooked work days and work weeks can actually be such an asset to training because I can put my workout schedule on autopilot and just make it happen that way.

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Hey, you too Lobster! I hope this year is full of surgery healing for you!


jan 2:

should have made this a full rest day, but i just took it easy.

1 hour trainer ride

5 min jumprope

3x50 stability ball sit ups


my legs hurt today from the speedwork yesterday. not doms, just hurting. i think i prob would have benefited from a full rest day, but i just couldn't do it. i'll take a proper rest day closer to the end of the week. i have to find some time and identify some target races for this year so we can come up with a great training plan. i just need a few minutes to focus. i'm so busy!

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Happy New Year!


I think I'm going to be in PDX this Saturday night for Ed's Plant Fit Grand Opening. Should be fun! I haven't been in PDX much at all the past year, just a few days total in the past few months, but I plan to make it to town this weekend. Let me know if you're around.


Hope all is great!



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Thanks, John. I'm planning on it. You do the same! Your progress is seriously inspiring.


RC, Ed's thing does look fun! I have a lot going on Saturday, but I might be able to pop by for a bit. It would be great to see you!


Jan 3:

36 mile ride, stayed mostly chill except for a couple hills in heavy gearing. Focused on pedal stroke and my hamstrings were toast. I think spending so much time running over the past couple weeks did that.

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24 mile ride. fast and snappy, although i did not have a computer and i was alone so i don't really know. but i am feeling strong and replenished. significantly, i made the decision to cut my ride short and come in out of the rain. i felt plenty strong, and i wanted to end strong. there's room for me to thrash myself later.

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fifty mile ride.

pretty fun. had an epiphany about equipment to ride this year. tried perpetuem at half strength and it wasn't too bad but i'm kind of bloated now. i feel a little more focused about what i have to work on this year, and how i have to train. still formulating it.

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tabouli, hummus, falafel
my favorites!




2*15 mile rides


i was really tired today because i didn't get much sleep last night, but somehow i had pretty strong rides. i was able to get some steady work done. but mostly kept it low key. i think knowing that i have such a low volume week scheduled on the bike is making me think that i have to make the most out of what time i do have in the saddle.

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It's good for you, Lobster!





I ended up having some kind of stomach thing last night, so I didn;t get much sleep but I ended up sleeping late. I don;t think I ate anything off... I did eat some frozen spinach from a discount grocer, maybe that's what did it. When I finally got up, I ran:


5k run, up and down hills and stairs, and speed intervals


The plan was to either jump rope or do some easy spinning later in the day, but these hard days of running really take it out of me, and I didn't have much to begin with after the night before. So I just followed my instincts and took it easy in the evening. I ate and a lot of ginger and yogurt so I should be good to go tomorrow!

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Thanks buddies! I'm still a little out of it, it seems weird.

Lobster, I'm training for a number of things... mostly bike races, but if I can get my injuries in order, I want to see if i can swim regularly again. Can you swim these days?



2x15 mile rides

one was uphill into a serious cold headwind, which was way way fun. steady hard work.


by the time i got home, i couldnt get warm. it took me over an hour to feel my toes, sitting in front of the heat with warm socks on. i think the cold made me really hungry




100 calories oatmeal, stevia, 10 raisins, 1 tsp hemp protein

ride # 1

celery, 1 scoop rice/gemma, luna bar, 100 calories oatmeal, stevia, 10 raisins

ride # 2

1/2 cup beets

beans, lettuce, tahini

2 luna bars

cup of soy yogurt, a small piece of thin pita bread

luna bar

1 tbs chia in 1/2 cup soymilk

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Cold makes me really hungry too, for warm carby things.


I can definitely swim, but I don't have access to a pool, so it's not in the cards right now. So this year I am going to concentrate on getting the running going again. Maybe 2013 will be my comeback to triathlons. Good luck getting back in the pool!


Is the chia seeds in the soy milk the chia seed pudding I keep reading about on the internet? I'm curious, but everyone describes it as "slimy" and that freaks me out a little.

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Thanks! Good luck getting back into running. It's so gratifying get back into something after an interruption.


Don't know if I'm eating the pudding you've been reading about. It doesn't taste slimy, exactly, it tastes morel like politics http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/chia%20pet%20obama.JPG


see what I did there?




I think Thursday is going to be my slow ride day. I was out for almost 3 hours and didn't cover more than 29 miles. I kept it totally chill, to the point of it being frustrating. I did get to stomp a couple times, which felt REALLY good. I imagine it must be something like what it feels like when a pet escapes out the back door and TAKES OFF. It was so good.


a small commute a little later in the day.


I am craving sugar so badly right now, that when I looked in the sink and saw my gel flask soaking in water, it looked delicious. I'm fighting something like a virus, and the weather on top of that is making me want carbs for sure. So I just ate 2 cliff bars and some raisins. I'm also wondering about my macros. Pretty sure I need to drop some protein off the program. I'm afraid to though!

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rest day, except i didn't rest... it was so sunny out, and the air was so nice and chilly, hence-

2.5 mile run


probably should have taken the rest day especially since i only slept about 4 hours last night.


diet as of 7:25-

200 calories oatmeal, 1 scoop rice/gemma, a few raisins

scoop of rice/gemma, tangelo

some papadums

probably go out for a salad later


the run felt great once i got out there, but i'm exhausted right now

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busy day today. i ditched my group ride so i could have more control over the timing. i thought i could get a couple climbs in or at least some flats if it was too cold. got caught in a windy sleet storm. cracked in the cold headwind. still recovering. not the kind of training i wanted, but i sure hope it made me harder. i still have an hour of riding to do this week, but it looks like snow, so maybe on the trainer.


28 miles.

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woke up this morning and realized that even though i drank 4 cans of fizzy water/soda after my ride yesterday, plusother stuff, i only peed a little bit. So that cemented it for me, I made today a rest day. went out for brunch: steamed veggies and tofu. grabbed some chocolate almonds at the store, and came home to some oatmeal w/protein powder. prob eat some kind of stir fry later. i'm exhausted. i know i owe my training plan an hour on the bike, but i'm not too worried about it because yesterday was so off the charts and tend to ride into overtraining territory more often than not. walked around town a little, like a tourist, partly on one of my running routes. it was fun!

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walk for coffee

corn tortilla, a couple small slices of beet

fast 4.75 mile run << snowed on and attacked by a doberman

1/2 smoothie of protein, tangerine, chia, ginger <<< food processor exploded

corn tortilla

sm portions of zaataar, rf beans, sweet potato

1 hr trainer ride <<< easy

tortillas, earth balance, cabbage

1/2 sm pumpkin stuffed w/ tofu ginger mousse, tahini spinach, 8 fusilli pasta

luna bar


the day is pretty much over and i have tons of energy. considering where i am in my cycle, i should be completely spent. i'm not even craving any more sugar or luna bars. i think it's because i've upped my carb ratio. as far as day to day energy, it seems like this could be a good thing. but i have been thinking about long races, and how specific upper body muscle groups can help clear lactic acid in certain situations and even ultimately convert it into glucose. i need to find the sweet spot of upper body muscle/protein/carb balance. hmmm.

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