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This is really fun

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yeah it was quite a day! the snow was great though.






snow sprinkles all day with snow forecasted tonight and tomorrow, and since the day got off to an unusual start, i just trained at home today with an eye to possibly having to do the same tomorrow.


20 minutes jumrope

3 circuits no rest of of:

-20 bicep curls

-20 overhead tri ext

-50 crucnches

1 hr trainer ride: 5 x 4:30 @ 110 rpm inc diff



a couple bites of zaataar

a few pumpkin seeds in shell

a big bowl of quinoa with cabbage, lemon, and tobasco

2 tbs chia, 1/3 cup soymilk, 1 scoop protein

fat free refried beans, cabbage, tomato, celery, 4 tortillas

luna bars

some raisins

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---1 hr trainer ride: 4x5 min int inc diff


---2 mile run

apple, chia/protein powder, 2 tortillas

2 tortillas

4 papadams

100 cal oat w/ scoop of protein powder

---1 hr trainer ride: 8x3 min int of standing sprint

5 cashews

kidney beans, tomato, nut yeast

hi protein cereal


i think the hi pro cereal will be a good sub for luna bars although i guess it doesnt have as many b vits. maybe it can be a stepping stone to finally breaking this hideous habit.

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1 hr+ trainer ride lvl 10 race, hard

bench press 2x20x45 1x20x55 2x10x65 taped afterwards



diet was awesome except for cookie dough i broke for because i messed up and didnt eat till late afternoon


random thoughts:

this carb thing doesn't seem to agree with me at the mo. i need more protein.

i cant wait so long to eat in the afternoon.

if it's time for a rest day, i need to take it, otherwise my training gets wishy washy and i'm just wasting my time. if i'm trying to wait for some kind of scheduling thing, then i need to go hard if i'm going to train at all, otherwise, rest and take that extra day.

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i guess i'll call today a rest day. the whole sunday got away from me. got to keep that from happening again




oatmeal w raisins, walnuts, hemp

.5 hr spin bike, no burn, 95-100 rpm, arrow bars

bench: 45x20, 2x55x20, 3x65x6

chia/protein/agave pudding, sunflower seeds

accidentally drank a little sugar soda, it's all natural though


next possibility for rest day is friday. i think i should take it and re-set my rest days for then. we'll see how it goes. depending on the weather, if i can get into the gym early this week, i'll start training legs a little. the weather this past week has really messed with my bike hours. i'm going to need to re-think my attack plan if it doesn't change. i just hate sitting on the trainer. sometimes my best gear just doesn't cut it. i'll try to be braver.

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Ha! No. No it definitely is not.




oameal, raisins, hemp

a few more raisins and some walnuts


20 minute tread walk forward

5 minute tread walk backward

3xcircuit: 20 single leg lunges, 50 weighted crunches, 20 db pullovers: increase all weights each circuit

3xcircuit: 20 quad ext, 20 ham curls, 10 wide pull downs

seated leg press 4x20 x235

some smith thing 2x20x200

1 hour easy fast light flush spin, 1/2 in the arrows


lunabar, 3 squares of chocolate

tofu, yeast, tomato, chard

fake salami

nuked frozen peaches w/stevia

chia/protein pudding if i get hungry later doing this late night of work


i tried to go light on the leg weights, but it felt weird, and i know that i dont have much time left before racing to bulk up the legs, so i went heavier. pleased to find how heavy i could go. i could have gone higher on the circuits/lunges, but if the weather cooperates tomorrow i'm riding so i didn't want to torch them too much. i could see my calves twitching between sets.

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oh, it's so hard for me. i have to really stay on top of the balance training, i lose it. it's not hard once you get the hang of it though, if i can do it, anyone can!




3 hours of riding.

my legs were so sore, it's amazing i went anywhere. i was surprised i was fast at all.


oatmeal, raisins, hemp

oatmeal, raisins

luna bar, celery, scoop of protein powder

eggplant, tomato, tofu, yeast, fake salami

nuked frozen peaches

4 squares of chocolate


chia/protein if i get hungry later but i'm beat and hopefully i can fall right asleep

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Yay Mary, nice to see you here!



DOMS diminished alot in quads although knotty. Glutes/hams still so sore.



2x oatmeal, raisins, hemp

2 hour ride

tofu, celery, yeast, ~1.5 tsp olive oil

popcorn ~1.5 tsp olive oil


2 veg patties, mixed veg, fake salami

grapeleaves, raw lavender chocolate


at this point it was late, i was not tired, i was pretty sad about work situation, and i was still wanting food. i think i could call it hungry, but i'm not sure. i needed to get some work done and i couldn't focus. i looked at my chia/protein stuff and it just looked so gross and disgusting. i had been avoiding the leftover cookie dough in the fridge all week, it wasn't appealing at all. i felt like i needed carbs though so i ate it. it hit the spot and let me settle down, but now it's wearing off fast and i think i should have probably nuked some frozen peaches. if i had to go back and be in that moment again, i think i would be able to say honestly it's not worth it.

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I would probably benefit from foam rolling, but i never do it. I do a lot of stretching and leg movements to keep things ... i guess supple is the right word. Yes. I am supple. I could be suppler.


Yeah that chocolate wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Probably because I was craving carbs, and it was pretty low carb. I did just eat a wheat free chocolate chip cookie though and it was utterly magnificent.



rest day

i still have the doms

i really wanted to bike to the bar today but i was good and i didn't.

diet was fabulously junktastic


garbonzos, green pepper, celery, tomato, yeast, tbs tahini

popcorn, olive oil

tofutti cutie

chai, stevia, coconut milk

french fries

tofu, baby spring mix



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nice long ride, was rly looking forward to it. i think i tore one of my quads out in the middle of nowhere, and i wasn't sure what happened, i'm still not. so i turned around after a while and i figured out it wasnt getting better. i'll see how i feel tomorrow. i'm avoiding ibu. but idk if that's the right thing to do. i just want to know if it gets worse or whatever. so the good thing about it is that i did hit my goals for training hours this week, even though i'm not gonna ride tomorrow. that could be because it took me so long to get back home and the training was worth shit. but whatever. the other silver lining is that next week is a rest week so i should be taking it easy anyways. i did want to weight train some more, i will decide on that tomorrow night.

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