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This is really fun

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47 mile ride

had 2 good shots of hammer gel on the road with no problem but it wasnt very cold. right leg wanted to cramp up later in the day but it didn't. i also ate a few super salty pretzels... not sure if that had anything to do with it, i only ate a 1/4 cup of dry oatmeal with a few raisins before going out. ate a lot of veggies and rice for dinner, plus some almond thingys, a cookie, and part of a margarita.

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Yeah, it was really good. Crappy wheat flour is so delicious, omg.




gym day! i think the instructor got a little irritated at me because i didn't follow his wacky spin routine at all, but oh well. he wasn't doing anything that could remotely be related to the kind of training i was looking for. i just wanted some loud music and something different to look at so i could make my ride super duper hard. i went relatively easy on the quads because of what happened a few weeks ago. we'll see how that works out.


1 hr spin

bench press 3x20x45, 20x55, 3x10x65

2x3 supersets lats/tris

3 supersets quads/calves

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3 hour ride


usual wednesday food


having great epiphanies about how lats and shoulders work for me on the bike. two different coaches tried to get me to get it and i am getting it now. also starting to understand a little more about why i'm getting more muscle cramps and feeling so weak. lately been going right for carbs when i get back from longish rides, and have been eating more carby foods around workouts. it's been a wining strategy so far.

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thursday 2/23


its sunny out and today was supposed to be a looooooong hard ride day, tomorrow rest day, saturday easy ride, sunday competition.


but im sick today. i think it might be a stomach bug. so i kind of dont know how to rearrange this. also superstressed from work stuff. and not having enough work. so glad i got my prize package today, it totally cheered me up and kept me from giving up. i'll report back later.

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Thanks Rob and Karen, for the get will wishes. Thanks you also very much again for the prize package, I feel super double thankful for everything!


John you are right, as usual. These folks are pretty great.



I think I'm over the hump of this stomach thingy.


Yesterday after a discussion with my coachy team mate who talked me down from trying to train through it, i just rode my bike to and from work, slow slow sloooooooooooow slow. Which was against advice. But whatever. Came home, ate a probar out of my prize package, kept it down, and passed straight out for the night.


Gonna try and train a little today, will prob end up taking it easy, but I will try to climb at least a little. Taking the black bike out for the first time this season. Sun's out, pavement's dry, and I am psyched!

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Thanks Rob! All better now! It was a very fun weekend


Friday I did do a little climbing, but it started to hail so I came back so I didn't make my sick worse. Saturday I went out to do a bit of gentle riding and some openers, but I got hailed on again, so I came back frozen but I did get a little work done in the ~25 miles I did get to ride. Sunday's race went well all things considered, it ended up being an exercise in psychological determination with all the stuff that went wonky that morning. I didn't even get to warm up before the race!


saturday night food:

tofu/kale/carrots/yeast cookie a little fruit/yogurt


sunday morning food:

1/4 cup dry oatmeal w hemp and raisins

1/4 cup dry oatmeal w/ raisins, shot of chocolate gel

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38 miles



1 hr spin with cadence drills and 1-legs

circuits: split squats/overhead tris/ bench

seated leg press

i was gonna train lats but something gross got on my gloves and lats/back stuff hurts my hands

i think i overdid it considering this is theoretically supposed to be a rest week

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1/4 cup oatmeal/9 raisins/hemp

1/4 cup oatmeal/11 raisins, celery, lunabar, protein/water

cookie, larabar



beans, lettuce, 1 tbs olive oil




85 min trainer ride, mostly spin ups

lats, bench, balance, stability


so today i was able to increase weights on lats for the first time since my injury. big day!!!

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aha! squatting, i see! very nice.


yes, john, i'll take it easy for sure! not going for upper body muscles at this point, mostly core strength, but it's nice to know i could get past a sticking point i've had for a long time!


well i learned a lot this week. my main lesson:


a rest week is supposed to be an actual week of rest, not an excuse to work hard in different ways.


i learned that the hard way. thursday i went for a short 2 mile run, and by the end of it, was really really feeling it in my quads, which were still sore from tuesday's workout. by the time thursday night rolled around, i could barely sit. went for a consult with coachiepoo on friday and caught shit for it but i didn;t need to. i already learned my lesson. so i will take this next week relatively easy i also am probably done with serious weight training legs for now. only very light and plyo if i can manage it. i also need a rest day, because the bike fit i had yesterday saw me pedaling a fair bit, not for long though, but my quads are still sore, so i do need some recovery time.



2 mile run




random trainer stuff



2 hour ride

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