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Anyone attending the Olympia this year?


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Not sure. I don't know where I'm staying...I haven't been in a few years so I need to look at a map...I hear it is a bit off the strip?


I may stay there, haven't made any arrangements other than purchasing a flight from the 24th-30th.


I just wrote Mr. O yesterday to say hi. I've seen Jay 3 times this year so maybe we'll see him 3-peat!


Let me know....what are you doing? Where are you staying?


I'm open to share space too, and crash with a group of people or another person, split a hotel room, etc. I've shared hotels with over a dozen forum members as well as stayed at many of their houses, including 2 weeks ago in D.C. at two different forum member's houses.


Let's train and hang out!

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rdandrew and I will be there. Anyone else?


roid rage...any more pics?


We're down to about a week away! I spent a week in Venice training at Gold's. Silvio Samual looks pretty amazing! But maybe top 8, not top 5. We'll see.


It should be exciting!

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rdandrew and I will be there. Anyone else?


roid rage...any more pics?


We're down to about a week away! I spent a week in Venice training at Gold's. Silvio Samual looks pretty amazing! But maybe top 8, not top 5. We'll see.


It should be exciting!


Hehe okay, so this here is going to be the official Mr.O Thread

I honestly envy you robert




The atheletes:

2008 Mr. Olympia Qualified COUNTRY

Abiad , Fouad Canada

Anthony, Jr. Melvin USA

Badell, Gustavo Puerto Rico

Charles, Darrem Trinidad

Coleman, Ronnie USA

Cutler, Jay USA

Elmoussawi, Moe New Zealand

English, Kevin USA

Freeman, Toney USA

Greene, Kai USA

Heath, Phil USA

Henry, David USA

Ingram, Leo USA

Jackson, Dexter USA

Jackson, Johnnie USA

James, Dennis Germany

Martinez, Victor USA

Richardson, Craig USA

Rockel, Ronny Germany

Samuel, Silvio Spain

Shelestov, Sergey Russia

Warren, Branch USA

Wolf, Dennis Germany

--> Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren wont participate




For all thos you can not attend the livestream link (not acitive yet )



The Olympia Series

Episode 1 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries1.htm

Episode 2 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries2.htm

Episode 3 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries3.htm

Episode 4 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries4.htm

Episode 5 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries5.htm

Episode 6 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries6.htm

Episode 7 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries7.htm

Episode 8 http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2008olympia/oseries/2008oseries8.htm


Flex teaser ( Dex vs Jay)

Part1 http://www.flexonline.com/videoemail?bcpid=1463371108&bclid=1461295899&bctid=1753200490

Part2 http://www.flexonline.com/videoemail?bcpid=1463371108&bclid=1461295899&bctid=1738803829

Part3 http://www.flexonline.com/videoemail?bcpid=1463371108&bclid=1461295899&bctid=1762072150




Jay Cutler two weeks out

This past Saturday, just 2 weeks out from the O, Jay came to Gold's Venice to shoot a segment of his new DVD. It was a great time as this time I got to work out with Jay and Big Eric in the DVD. Jay looked out of this world and ready to step on stage after losing his water. This DVD will be a lot different than anything else you have seen before, Jay hired a big production crew with sound, 3 cameras filming at the same time, it'll be a great one to own for any Cutler fan. Here's a few pics. Max.







Ronny Rockel two weeks out








The Wolf two weeks out


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Jay was at Venice Gold's on Saturday! I thought he would be there. I e-mailed him recently and I was training there on Friday thinking I'd probably bump into him, knowing that he likes to come down to L.A. meet with his sports therapist, make an appearance at Gold's, etc.


I didn't make it to the gym on Saturday because I was working and gave a talk. So I totally missed him! Dammit!


I saw Silvio in his Olympia prep everyday but would have loved to have bumped into my buddy Jay at the gym while I was there.


Thanks for the pics and competitor list roid rage. I've been busy and haven't followed as closely as I would have liked.


I did see Monica Brant and 30 of her fitness camp girls, and some other bodybuilders, but I'm pissed I missed Jay!

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