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Can bones grow thicker from exercise?


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I think its similar to the micro-tear thing with the muscles. I think with excersise fibers in the bone break and reform bigger and stronger.


After puberty, your bones will not grow. Growth in bones occurs in specialized zones of cartilage (e.g. growth plates at the end of long bones), and once they seal off (somewhere around the end of puberty), the bone they deposited cannot grow. Bone density can change - and exercise affects this. There are cells in place that are responsible for chewing up/depositing calcium in the bone, but not any cells that are capable of growing and thickening them. Unlike muscle, the outer parts of your bones (i.e. not counting the marrow) are not cellular, well vascularized structures. There are no fibers to damage and stimulate to grow...it's just a web of calcified connective tissue.


P.S. Sorry I haven't been around much, the last couple of weeks have been intense!

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After puberty once your epiphyseal plates seal bones cannot lengthen, but they do get thic ker due to the mucles pulling on the periosteum surrounding all bones. under this connective tissue cells lay new bone once pulled on, stimulated by hormones like HGH.

This is why in users of this hormone they get caveman like foreheads and the such.

There is also a condition called acromegaly.

Its is caused by the bones growing the only way they can after puberty, by laying bone ontop of bone thickening instead of lengthening.

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