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Gov. Palin Shoots Animals With Her Daughter (Graphic!)


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I'm not a big fan of politicians using hunting as a means to show that they're "tough": like Kerry going dove hunting in 2004, or Palin hunting moose...etc. It hints at the idea that participating in violence towards animals proves that one would not hesitate to use violence in international relations (or other forms of relations). Not only does an animal die in the process, but it simplifies what challenges the US will face in terms of foreign policy, especially since many issues would be better solved through a variety of non-violent means.


I don't really see any difference ethically between someone hunting animals for "sport" and someone eating animals someone else has killed for them. You're right that it appears to send a message of being willing to use violence.


However, it can't prove that a Presidential nominee (at least one with a real chance of winning) wouldn't hesitate to use violence, because there's nothing to prove--every President in US history has used violence as part of US policy. Almost always (1812 and the Civil War are the only exceptions that come to mind) the violence has occurred without there having been any attack on the US, and World War II is the only other occasion that comes to mind where there was even a significant threat. US foreign policy is all about exercising power, not about solving problems, and for that reason violence has always been a part of it.

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