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ConsumerFreedom.org (Misleading people)


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this is a terrible website. All though I agree people should have freedom I disagree with this site because they are pro killing animals if it means people have a choice. THese ads were poste all over the metro system. Mainly fighting peta saying they don't want to help children out in disease because they want to save rats. They are just sending the wrong message to people about animal wellfare.


they were so happy to write about the foie gras repeal in CHicago!! This site is just horrible. They are going against anything aninmal rights people are trying to do.


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Quote from article:


this radical animal rights group is still a multi-million-dollar menace to children of all ages.


Yeah, they are implying that PETA are multi millionaires, therefore evil like mcdonalds


Telling children that killing animals is wrong means that PETA must be a menace to our children? Oh dear... People who feed their young children meat, without telling them what it is, are the true menace to their own children.They just dont like the fact that PETA are letting children know what their parents are forcing them to eat.


Its a bad article, but I doubt it will do much damage to PETA, thankfully.

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have you browsed their site. I mean their ads are all over the subways system here. In one ad they were saying Peta does not want to save children because they prefer rats. They showed an image of dirt and sick rats to show why would you save them and they showed a smiling young kid. On the site there just endless amounts of articles about animal killing. I am just mad that these ads are out. It got to me today. The only positive thing is that metro commuters are pretty busy so most wont see the ads and the other thing is PETA's name is big on the ads so some people might think it is for PETA. That is what I am hoping.


Just terrible.


look they even have a petition against peta.






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You can find a lot of negative things about the CFC to read simply by googling on their name. Wikipedia has a nice entry on them too.


The CFC put out a documentry about the animal rights movement called "Your Mommy Kills Animals". No surprise the CFC spokesperson in the "documentry" comes off looking like a nice and reasonable person, while only the worst of AR activists are shown.

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ConsumerFreedom.org, ActivistCash.org and all the others that are tied together are basically a front for various industries who aren't happy with the exposure of what they really do/how they really operate. In turn, these sites (funded by the meat/dairy/tobacco/alcohol/etc. industries) are set to deflect back at those who would question their ethics and means of operation, making the activist side look like they're against the freedom to choose what you want. They won't say who is funding them in an attempt to look like a legitimate consumer interest group, but if you dig around enough, you'll find plenty of info to show who runs the operations and where the money comes from. It's just a thinly-veiled disguise for the powers that be who wish to take the heat off of themselves and make it look like activists that are against them are really the bad ones. Here's an interesting excerpt from their About Us regarding their funding:


"Who funds you guys? How about some "full disclosure"?

The Center for Consumer Freedom is supported by over 100 companies and thousands of individual consumers. From farm to fork, from urban to rural, our friends and supporters include businesses, their employees, and their customers.


The Center is a nonprofit 501©(3) organization. We file regular statements with the Internal Revenue Service, which are open to public inspection.


Many of the companies and individuals who support the Center financially have indicated that they want anonymity as contributors. They are reasonably apprehensive about privacy and safety in light of the violence and other forms of aggression some activists have adopted as a "game plan" to impose their views, so we respect their wishes."


So, while you can find more info elsewhere as to what major players are the main contributors, on their site they don't really want to tell you about it because of the absurd reasons of perceived retribution to those who donate. Yeah, sure....

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These guys are kinda dumb because Peta in their ads is pretty large. Until the Vick trial I had no idea who Peta was. It is a good thing that they put their names really small like their hiding who is placing those ads. When I saw the ad I thought it was a pro Peta ad. It was not until I actually read it that I realized it was against PETA. Where are the graffiti artists drawing their tag over subway ads when you need them?

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