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i'm david out of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. usually post on veganfitness.net under the same name (don't hang out there unless you want to get turned into a powerlifter). vegan for almost 6 years. i pretty much just like lifting weights and gripwork. my biggest goal is to stay injury-free as have been ravaged by the injuries over the last 3 years and have not progressed strengthwise to my liking. hoping to deadlift 375-400 by the end of the year. seems to be more way more Americans on this board as we are grossly underrepresented over on .net. or maybe its just that the Brits are overrepresented (loudmouths)



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Hey David,


Welcome to the Awesome TEAM we have here. We do have quite a few people from the US, espeically in Oregon and Texas. But we have members from all over the world like other forums.


Best of luck hitting the 400lb mark. I was well on my way to that as well when I threw my back out a few months ago. I've had similar problems. My back keeps on getting injured year after year. In fact I don't even do squats anymore but my legs are my best muscle group so it's ok. I'm sure they'd be bigger and better if I did squats, but my lower back doesn't want me to. And I LOVE deadlifts but that is what snapped my back and made me barely able to walk for a week so I had to take a break from those as well. For me it dates back 10 years when I had a sports injury and needed physical therapy for 6 months or something like that. Then with bodybuilding I've re-injured it pretty badly at least 4 times.


Keep us updated on the heavy lifts, we have some strong guys here, some (at least one) benching over 400 pounds.


Thanks for joining our group!



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