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What do wealthy vegans eat?


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Then he asked "What do wealthy vegans eat?


One particular delicacy that is both Vegan and one of my obsessions is Tea. Great tea isn't necessarily expensive, but I have easily spent $400 in a month on loose-leaf tea around harvest time, mostly Japanese Sencha and Matcha (Green) and Chinese/Indian Black, from places like Ito En or Ippodo in Japan.


Good Matcha (super high-end Japanese Powdered Green Tea) can be $20-50 for a 20 or 30 gram package, which can get into the $1000+ a pound range. At 2-5 grams a serving, its still only about as expensive as a serving of Vega, but it is certainly a luxury.







I'm sure there are wealthy vegans who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bottle of wine too...


And I am not wealthy, but my tastes in food can run in that direction- I usually spend ~100 US/week at whole foods, on mostly organic vegan food. I think overall, we save a lot of money being Vegan though. Meat/Dairy is expensive to produce, energy-wise, so per calorie it usually costs much more than plant-foods.

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Aged Tree nut cheese/ Box 8 wheels


Shipping Included


That Dr. Cow stuff is pretty unusual, I do have to say. I unfortunately got roped into the large pack that cost me as much to ship as it did for the cheese, something like $120 for the whole thing Which wouldn't have been so bad had I liked it enough, but truthfully, I think that the good doc needs to reduce the level of flavoring he puts into the aged versions because that stuff was overpowering! Good thing our biz lets us try crazy vegan stuff without making me dip into my own wallet to shell out the bucks for it


Nonetheless, we're going to stock that stuff soon because a lot of people like it, and we'll make it easier since people won't need to buy a crapload of it and ship it overnight like they require. A tad easier on the wallet than those kind of prices for buying direct and being stuck with a lot of cheese if you're not even sure if you'll like it

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We just had a Bear's Head Tooth mushroom from the mushroom stand at the farmers' market. It ran about $20 per pound and really did taste a bit like lobster.

A number of years ago while blazing a trail through the poison oak, (amazing that no one got any) and trees From the creekbottom to the mountain top, we came across one of these. We were amazed at the delicate beauty of it. Not being a mycologist we left it alone.

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