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Shut up and Squat!


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don't know exactly. my back started to hurt a bit a week ago or so but it got better after every training and was almost gone last thursday. on thursday i was already sick but decided to go to the gym anyway. afterwards my back started to hurt really bad and of course i got sicker, too. seems like it was a pretty stupid decision to go training while being sick.

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What's up dude? Did you give up training and started eating cake all the time?


sorry dude, didn't see that you posted here!


@bronco: thx!


short info on my current training:


can't do deads and squats at the moment so i switched to a push/pull workout again. doing most exercises PITT-Force style except for bench press. hurt my knee a little while ago and can't train legs at all since then. the little bit of training i can do at the moment is going pretty well actually. after a pause i worked up to a new rep-pb on the bench and other than that i'm doing weighted dips with 20kg now, which is pretty good for me i think.

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