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Is it possible to make your own protein powder?


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the fact that hemp powder isn't protein powder makes it the best ! It's still a whole food (or at least more complete than most of protein powders except perhaps spirulina, chlorella and other algaes) but still the protein/calorie ratio is very good : 15 gr of proteins for 110 calories... with 0,4g of omega3, and 8 grams of fibres.

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Hemp isn't illegal in the US. It's against federal law to grow it, but hemp products are ok. Fibers, protein powders, even seeds are ok as long as the seeds have been treated such that they won't grow.


Such a rational law!


I think at least part of the reason for it, besides the conspiracy theories of the government trying to keep the loggers and cotton growers happy, etc, etc..., is that the Feds don't want to confuse it with Marijuana plants and/or allow growers of hemp to mix in Marijuana also. Still very stupid though. Of course so is making weed illegal, but I digress.

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Not on topic but I didnt see the point in making a new thread for one question.


I was wondering whether this would be a suitable way to use protein shakes.


6am: Protein Shake

7-9am: Workout

9:30am: Protein Shake


Is that an effective way to use my protein shakes, are they too close together? Should I only drink a post or pre workout shake?

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