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First topic!


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Hey I just found the new section with no posts!


So I am proud to add the first topic!


My question, what simple moves can we learn that instatly give us an edge in a fight, like those moves you see where people bend the arm back & cause loads of pain to the opponent?


Simple street fighting moves needed! Perhaps there is a martial art that specialises in these?


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Most of those simple things, like hyperextending someone's fingers, require having the attacker pinned in some fashion otherwise it's easy to get out of. I don't know of any specific martial arts that focus on that, but a lot of places offer self-defense classes that incorporate bit of a few arts.


If you're not well trained, trying to put those fancy moves to use will probably make you more vulnerable. Best to just kick em in the nuts and run like hell. Seriously.

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I was having a conversation with my wife last night regarding street defense/fighting.

Via training in jeet kune do,kali and muay thai i have a good grounding in some very effective styles.That said,in a real life or death street situation i would hope i would avoid anything along the lines of throwing a punch!


Go for the eyes! Yeah boy! eye gouge with fingers,pens,keys etc! if you can get a good eye jab in first,delivered fast and hard that is gonna give you some time to do what you need to do .Forget about trying to deliver that good roundhouse kick or trying for a BJJ choke or take down. In real time street action or home defence get NASTY and atttack with gouging,`fish hooks`,bites,groin kicks/stamps .Elbows to the nose,ears,eye sockets if you really need to get in close or find your self in close. But really try to think fast,hard,painfull strikes to sensitive areas as these will all imobilize your attacker until you decide to flee or finish them off!


A lot of martial arts gyms will teach great systems/styles that work great in martial arts competiton but really fail their students when they try to relate them to self defense and street fighting.

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Yeah valid points mate.


The other thing is that 9/10 people who are about to have a fight will assume you are going to throw a punch.Thye dont even think about their legs.Just sweep your leg into theirs and knock em fat on their arse.Them kick them while they are down.


Dirty but effective

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