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Hello everyone :)


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Well its nice to see theres so many other vegans interested in bodybuilding!


A little about me, Im 32 been vegan since 1st jan 1998, and was vegetarian for 2 years before that.

My sport was cycling from the age of 12 til about 4 yrs ago, mainly time trials with the odd road race. Sort of let myself get a bit out of shape and started weight training about the start of 2007, REALLY fell in love with it and now Im a wanna be bodybuilder :3


In the time Ive been training Ive gone from a fat 75kilos to a fairly lean 85kg (12.5% fat this morning according to my tanita scales) not ready to post pics tho as I seem to carry fat round the luv handle area


My goal is to one day enter a natural bodybuilding comp, but I think Im far too small right now. Other interests are MMA (Im an armchair fan lolz) and video games cus Im a geek

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Actually robert, dont wanna sound like a nuthugger but you were one of the people who inspired me to take up bodybuilding, even after all this time being vegan its easy to get browbeaten into the whole "you cant eat enough protein" thing, googled vegan bodybuilders and there you were lol.


Once I started looking at food labels tho I soon realised how easy it was. Dieting atm, still eating 140-150g of protein a day on 2000kcal


I also hope to be an inspiration to others one day

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Yup Im from a sleepy small town called Lutterworth near Leicester, unfortunatley the only other vegan I know irl is my mum D:


Thats not too bad mate


My gf is vegan (apart from eating milk chocolate) & I have some vegetarian friends but thats it!


Did your mum go vegan before you or after? I am tryingto convince my mum to go vegan!

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