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Hello from No Va


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Welcome John!


I just visited your area in August and had a great time over there!


Welcome to our group!


I believe Sun Warrior is a raw protein powder that seems to be pretty popular. I think Raw Power is one as well. I would do search for one of those or check online stores, especially online raw stores to find exactly what you're looking for.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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Hi and welcome on the board ! For raw proteins powder after workout, there's brown rice, spirulina, chlorella (those last too may be expensive and hard to find), perhaps brewer's yeast is raw too, but tastes horrible. And my favorite: hemp protein powder, raw, but it has lots of fibers, so may not be ideal post-workout if you want to absorb the amino acids as fast as possible.

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Welcome Reflector54! I was at the ARC back this summer in DC area. [email protected]@ told me that Java Cafe has a raw foods chef there now to add more palette to their vegan cuisine. How is that doing; ever been there? Look into it if not. Btw fellow raw foodist myself, pleasure to meet you, look forward to seeing you on the forum


I'm Your Man makes excellent suggestions.


My Protein supplementation sources as a fellow Raw Foodist are within the realm of:




Sun Warrior (Sprouted brown rice protein) <-- expensive and haven't gotten my hands on it yet but will attempt to do so in bulk.


Did you know Zucchini contains a lot of protein, i think like 40% or something, which is really good. I am going to start consuming alot within a week or so.


I deal in bulk spirulina if you need a hook up. Right now it's my only source but that's b/c my budget is tight and i have a bulk drum of 56lbs that was gifted to me as a going away present YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY

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