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top 3 supplements


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definitely protein. Probably creatine and glutamine as well.


i dunno what it was when i was taking glutamine, but i never really saw any benefit from it. i didn't really see or feel any difference when i was taking the stuff :S i know it's not any sort of energy booster or anything hehe but it didn't seem to help in my recovery from what i could tell at the time

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Multi, flaxseeds, protein powder


Is flaxseeds a supplement? That's good ole food dude! I eat tons of it.


Whey protein, and thats about it.



Personally I'd say multivitamin (or really only D in winter time and B12 all year round) and essential amino acids. Those are the only thing I use but I guess BCAA would be my third choice.

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Whey protein, and thats about it. I do not rate glutamine, and I do not responde to creatine!


You probably already know, so my apologies if you don't. Whey is derived from milk. It isn't vegan.


Sorry, I did not mean to offend anybody! I am not vegan so was talking about my personal top supplements, but did not know only vegan foods/supplements etc are allowed to be talked about. Sorry for the confusion! What do you guys commonly consume post workout?

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1-Organic Brown Rice Protein

2-Vitamin C 5-10,000 mg per day with 2,000mg of Quercitin

3-L-Carnitine 1,000mg per day


B-12 gets lots of discussion but what's even more important for healthy brain function as vegans age is L-Carnitine, unfortunately only found in meat. It should be taking in conjunction with Carnosine as well(2,000-3,000mg a day).


...and of course any quality green, raw and organic powder


"Until you change the way money works, you change nothing"

-Michael C. Ruppert

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1) Gemma Pea Protein Powder

2) Vitamins/Minerals - Multi w/ B12, Calcium, Iron, D



Honorable Mentions (no particular order):

Carnosine, CoQ10, Glucosamine, Taurine, Carnitine


Post Workout: Waxy Maize Startch, BCAA, Creatine

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