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This freaks me out....


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The bottom link has a lot more information. The top link left me with a lot of questions, and the bottom one answered them.


People who are for insane experiments like this usually don't have a lot of info. At least the people who are against support their argument.

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thanks for this Vegandevil.


The msnbc don't provide any information except the opinion of the FDA which is the only opinion we shouldn't trust.


I noticed the 2 articles point out 2 different causes for the California spinach


Food&Water Watch

Infected manure from a nearby beef cattle ranch was blamed for the E. coli spinach outbreak in California.



The spinach outbreak, for instance, was traced to a field that had been contaminated by wild boars.


Anyway, in all cases, the meat industry is always to blame. More people want to eat more meat, there's more and more animals concentrated in the same places, viruses spread more easily.


Also, I find very disgusting that manure can be used as fertilizers on fields that grow fruits and greens, because it comes from sick animals often with E.coli., salmonella, etc... Thing is that fertilizers like manure should be spread on the soil only at the beginning of the season, before seeding, but farmers today are so stupid that they think their greens will grow better if they sprinkle some manure directly on vegetables that are already seeded and growing out of the soil.


How can we trust anybody in a world that put human genes in sheep, salmon genes in strawberries, virus in soy, genes of pig in tomatoes, toad in potatoes, and radiations in all foods.

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