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Macros Requirements


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I am new to this board and am very used to high protein/mod fat/mod-low carb diet

That's pretty hard to achieve on a vegan diet..

I wanted to hear from some of the ladies on here - what are your macro percentages?


The goal is to lose weight if that helps..

Thank you!!

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When I was doing a short cutting period earlier this year, I was able to get down to about 80 gms of carbs per day at 1800 calories, with approximately 200-220 gms of protein. (sorry, I never converted to percentages). I was using protein powders at the time. I ate a lot of tofu, seitan and greens. Some olive oil, flax oil and occasional nuts. I also had a fruit smoothie every morning, so I probably could have gotten the carbs lower - but that wasn't my goal.


Well, the percentages would have looked like:


Protein 45%

Carbs 18%

Fat 37%


I probably would not do this again unless it was absolutely needed for a couple of weeks before a contest.

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To lose weight weight you must get all of your needed nutrients while reducing your energy(calories) intake below the amount of energy you expend. To do that while losing only a minimum of lean body tissue ( you will lose some ),minimizing loose skin, stretchmarks etc you want to lose no more than 1 - 2 pounds a week. You also want to do regular exercise while you lose.

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