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new, hi


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I'm very shy. I go to school for graphic design. I love music and dancing. also to ride my bike. I lift with my roommate monday and thursday. i play cards almost every day.


i keep life simple. I became vegan because i heard it was better for the environment then to stop driving my car, even if i drove a hummer 8 hours a day. Not sure if thats true, but it didn't seem unreasonable. Oh and also for discipline reasons. I was being far to frivolous with my lifestyle.


So far i feel being vegan has pushed my life in a very positive direction.


I looked for an intro section, but I couldn't find one. It was really late so i just posted

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Welcome Drone. I am a new vegan, and although I just started I feel so good about the change in every way. I actually look forward to grocery shopping!! It is a new lifestyle and it feels so right. Oh yeah, I play alot of cards online and at the card room so we have that in common. NLHE!!

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